Running on the beach one day, Alyssa ran into Louis Tomlinson. They both had tears streaming down their faces. Alyssa was crying because she lived in a bad house with an abusive stepfather and sister. Louis was crying because of a phone call he just received. What happens when Alyssa runs away with Louis and then her abusive father and older sister hunt her down? Will she be able to escape alive?


10. Questions

Alyssa's POV


I woke up in a strange place. Everything was so....... so white. Then it hit me.

I'm in a hospital. But why?

I noticed I wasn't in a bed or anything, so I began to wander. So many people were ignoring me. So many of my questions were left unanswered.

I heard voices coming from a room. They sounded like.....

No. That's impossible.

But I followed the voices, and found Liam and Louis standing right outside a room.

Why were they here? They were talking about something. I started walking towards them, and I saw tears streaming down Louis' face.

I got closer and went to tap Liam's shoulder, but my finger slipped right through his shoulder.

I......I........I don't understand!!! Am I alive?

I went to touch Louis, but the same thing happened.

I..... I couldn't comprehend what was happening.

Why couldn't I touch them?

Why could no one hear me?

I shouted and shouted, but nothing. Absolutely nothing happened.

I slid down the wall and began to cry into my hands.

"It's ok." someone said. I ignored the voice because it was probably someone talking to another person in the hallway.

Then I felt something on my shoulder. I looked up. There was a girl sitting next to me. She looked like she was no older than 9.

"What's happening? I asked her, tears still streaming down my face. "Am I dead?" I asked.

"You aren't dead. You are in the in-between. Before you start asking more questions, the in-between is the middle of life and death. You aren't dead, but you aren't completely alive." she began.

"What happened to me?" I asked her.

"I don't know, but let's go find out." she calmly said, and with that she took my hand and pulled me into the room Louis and Liam had been standing outside of.

I walked in, and I saw someone laying on the bed. I walked closer, and it was me.

And everything came rushing back.

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