Running on the beach one day, Alyssa ran into Louis Tomlinson. They both had tears streaming down their faces. Alyssa was crying because she lived in a bad house with an abusive stepfather and sister. Louis was crying because of a phone call he just received. What happens when Alyssa runs away with Louis and then her abusive father and older sister hunt her down? Will she be able to escape alive?


7. Phone Call and Sissy......

*Louis' pov*

I couldn't sleep.Too much had happened in the past few days.

Let's start with the phone call.

First off, it was from Eleanor. She was the love of my life, or so I thought.

She had been modeling in America for the month. I loved her so much, but I felt like distance was growing between us.

With me and my band touring, and her modeling, we barely got to see each other.

She called me in tears and I prepared to comfort her, but she didn't need any comforting. I remember those words so clear.

"Louis, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen. I- I was drunk. I swear it wasn't on purpose."

She had cheated on me. I told her how I felt, that I was angry and hurt, and then I told her I needed time to think.

Closer towards the afternoon, I got a call from her, but I don't think she meant to call me.

I heard some noise in the background, like kissing and then laughing and then........ I heard it all. Every single second of it. I wanted to hang up, but I was so shocked that I kept yelling, screaming her name into the phone.

After about twenty minutes, I heard her say "oh shit my phones on" and then the line went dead.

I called her and she answered like nothing had happened. I told her that I heard everything.

And that we were done.

I just didn't believe that she would cheat, and even worse, I thought she would never lie to me.

After I hung up, I threw the phone to the side, not caring if I broke it or not, and I ran out of the house down to the beach. I was crying and in an instant, I closed my eyes, and ran into an angel....

*Alyssa's pov*
The door opened, and I swear God was on my side.

It was my stepsister.

She still hurt me, but she did it more with her words than her actions.

"Where have you been whore? You're so lucky that dad's not home. He is going to kick your ass like the worthless piece of shit you are. And if you try and run, I'll stop you. Maybe I should video tape your beating this time. I would fully enjoy replaying that over and over and over again."

She kept talking as I rushed past her, ran up the stairs, and into my room.

I peeled off my clothes and went to take a shower. I could only shower when he wasn't home so it was lucky for me in another way.

I stepped in to the freezing shower, letting the cold water wash away all the stress. I loved cold showers. It seemed that the colder the shower, the better my level of stress relief.

I finished and crept back to my room, unsure of whether he was back or not. I don't think he was, but just in case,  locked my door.

I fell asleep thinking of everything that had happened. I know I acted rude towards him, but I wish I hadn't. He was so friendly, and nice, and cute.

Wait what? No! I couldn't let people into my life because I didn't want to expose them to my pain. It was too much for them to handle.

I vowed to myself that if I ever saw Louis again, I would pretend like I didn't know him.....

*Sorry for another author's note but I'd love some feedback to all my readers! Tell me if you like it, what it needs, etc. Also, I will answer any questions you have and towards the end of this book there will be a sort of contest ;)

Love ya my carrots!!



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