Running on the beach one day, Alyssa ran into Louis Tomlinson. They both had tears streaming down their faces. Alyssa was crying because she lived in a bad house with an abusive stepfather and sister. Louis was crying because of a phone call he just received. What happens when Alyssa runs away with Louis and then her abusive father and older sister hunt her down? Will she be able to escape alive?


2. My life

Alyssa's POV


Ok let's start with some background info. I am short, have long red hair(not natural), age 19, and I live in Southern Florida.

I should've died three years ago.

Ya, you read that right. I was in a car accident with my father. Well they called it an accident, but I know the real reason we crashed on the freeway. My dad was involved with, let's just say illegal, business.

He was driving me to my soccer game in Miami. All of a sudden we were going over 90 mph, then 100, then 110, and my dad couldn't stop the car. The brake lines had been cut. As we hit the side guard rail, he died instantly upon impact, and thankfully I survived with only a broken arm and a bunch of scars down my legs from the shattered glass.

Anyways, my mom remarried Rick half a year later, and that is where everything started. Rick killed my mom. He always had a bad temper and one day he lost it and shot her. Then he told the police she committed suicide. I wanted to tell them the truth but he threatened to kill me too. That would've been better than what my life became.


A/N : ok so I know i said 'd get the short chapters out of the way first so this is just the boring background info. The next chapter will bring it to when they meet and the story is going to be a flashback :) thanks for taking your time to read!!

<3 Mia

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