Running on the beach one day, Alyssa ran into Louis Tomlinson. They both had tears streaming down their faces. Alyssa was crying because she lived in a bad house with an abusive stepfather and sister. Louis was crying because of a phone call he just received. What happens when Alyssa runs away with Louis and then her abusive father and older sister hunt her down? Will she be able to escape alive?


6. Breathtaking

*alyssa's pov*

After I was released from the hospital, I contemplated what I was going to do. I'd have to go back eventually, and the longer I waited to go back, the worse it would be.

Maybe I'd get lucky and he's been knocked out for the last two days from drinking. Yeah right.

As I walked out the doors,  I saw a familiar figure sitting outside the doors. It was Louis.

"Hey." he said.

"Why are you still here?" I asked him coldly.

" I wanted to make sure you were ok." he said.

I felt bad for being so mean to him, but I wouldn't be in this mess had it not been for him. No, I can't blame it on him. Neither of us had been paying attention on the beach that day.

"Need a ride home?" he asked me, breaking me from my train of thought.

I nodded my head in acceptance without thinking. I followed him to the parking garage and pretty soon, we were close to my house.

"It's this one" I said pointing to the house that was actually down the street from where I lived.

He pulled into the driveway and I got out.

"Thank you" I said and I waved him off.

After his car has disappeared around the corner, I began walking towards my house. I nervously knocked on the door. As the footsteps got closer and closer to the door, I braced myself for the worse.


*Louis' pov*
After her outburst at the hospital, I felt like she didn't want me to talk to her anymore.

I left her room while the nurse was still checking her out. I was going to leave, but as I got out the doors, something held me back. I don't know what it was, but I sat on the bench and waited.

After about 20 minutes, Alyssa walked out of the doors.

I offered her a ride, which she accepted, and the car ride was silent. I wanted to finish the conversation we had earlier, but I didn't want to pester her.I couldn't imagine anyone harming someone as beautiful as her.

She pointed me in the direction of her house, and I dropped her off.

She thanked me and I drove off. Something wasn't right.

I guess if it was important, it would come up again later.

I continued driving home, thinking about her and how fate works in mysterious ways. If I hadn't received that phone call,  wouldn't have met such a.... a breathtaking....... beautiful...... amazing...... fantastic girl.

I got home and began thinking of the phone call.


*Sorry for another short chapter but im posting two today so stop complaining!! haha jk. love ya guys <3 Mia

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