The Hidden Key.

The faery world is in danger as a tyrrant takes over the lands...
The elven lands are at their worst yet...
The human world is ignorant as ever.

Three worlds blur.
Fates are entwined.
Destiny holds the only key to survival.

What do you do when there's nothing you can do?


2. The Elven One


Forest Of Verna

“Emrys Merlin Ambrosius!” screeched mother. I held back the laughter that threatened to erupt from my mouth as I hid behind the pantry door.  Mother screeched again.

“Emrys I want you down here within seconds otherwise you, mister, are in big trouble!”

I smirked as I peeped from behind the door to see mother’s amusing face. I saw she was stomping her way up the stairs so I crept out from behind the door and started to quietly make my way across the hallway towards the front door. As I stepped forward the floorboards began to creek. I suddenly stopped, pulling my breath in as I stood absolutely still. There was no sound of my mother above. But then the floorboards above started to creak. I breathed a sigh of relief and began to walk ahead.

I made my way across the stairs, all the while craning my neck to look above to find a glimpse of mother storming around. I couldn’t see but laughed silently at the sound of mother stomping, imagining her face as she looked around. I walked ahead to get towards the door. I stopped. There at the door was standing my mother. I froze. How? I thought. The answer was simple. She had used the steppulus charm to make it sound as if she was walking around upstairs to trick me. She had heard me. She had fooled me and was now going to punish me. I smirked as realisation dawned on me. She may be my mother but I was her son.

The smirk on my face was registered by my mother. Her face opened in shock as she realised what I was going to do. She kicked into action and was about to run towards me but it was too late. Napus Escapus! I disappeared from the room and then reappeared outside in the forest.

I laughed. The Napus Escapus charm! It works every time! I continued laughing to myself as I walked along towards Gaius’ house. The forest around me was getting quite brown. The flowers and trees were dying. It wasn’t autumn yet, it was actually spring. The nature around us was slowly dying bit by bit. It had started doing this quite some time ago. I didn’t know much about why but the adults were constantly talking about it. There were rumours that our world was slowly coming to an end. The dying nature around us was an indication of the up and coming end to our elven world. The nature was taking in the signs of imbalance. There was a dangerous atmosphere about the air. Everything was going wrong. Our magick wouldn’t work at times and the flowers were just plainly refusing to grow.

From the hushed words of the elders, I had heard that the faery world had been taken over by a Cyclops, a vicious beast known from myths. The disorder in the faery world had caused an unbalance in the natural order of the worlds; this had caused the deterioration of the worlds. The faeries of the world are rumoured to be fighting back, therefore, the Cyclops hasn’t completely taken over the faery world and the worlds had not fallen apart yet. But there is fear among the world’s that if the faeries don’t continue resisting then the Cyclops could take over all the worlds, leaving the worlds in turmoil. The faery world is not that skilled, so aren’t often feared but the problem with the Cyclops taking over the faery world is that the Head Magician in the faery world is the dimension’s most highly skilled magician. He is bestowed with the power to have control of the magick of the three lands. Therefore, if the Head Magician were to be captured then the capturer can use the Head Magician to take over the three lands. There were rumours going about that the Head Magician had, in fact, been caught but the binding ceremony for the Head Magician clearly stated that the Head Magician could not use his powers for a great change unless all living faeries had given him the seal of approval. That’s why the Cyclops is so bent on killing all the faeries. No faeries, then no obstacles. The elven lands were not known for their magick much, therefore they did not hold the Head Magician of the three worlds, but they are known for their prophecies. The one thing that fears the elven lands so much is that a prophecy has not yet been revealed from the powers above to show a solution for the fate of the worlds for this crisis. The elders fear that the reason that the prophecy has not been revealed is because there is no solution to this problem.

I continued walking down towards Gaius’. I hummed as I walked along. The problems of this world were the elders’. They want to keep secrets from us younger elves then let them. They can solve this problem all by themselves as well. I walked across the forest I had always known my whole life. I jumped over the fallen tree trunk that had fallen down 5 years ago during a thunderstorm. I carried on walking with a bounce in my step. I heard a bird chirping a little too fast. I immediately walked towards it to find out what had happened to the little birdie. As I approached the scene I found the bird on the floor with a broken wing. I picked the poor little bird up in my hands carefully. I gathered up the magick I had in me to heal the bird’s wing. My magick was not great like the faeries but my elf magick was enough to fix the bird’s wing. I felt the power as it went through the bird’s wing and healed him. I smiled as the bird chirped happily and began to flap his wings in preparation for flight. The bird flew into the sky as I watched it. I stood there and stared as the bird flew around.

A cold chill ran down my spine as I stood. I froze. There was something behind me. I didn’t know what that something was but I wasn’t going to take the risk of founding out. Adrenaline ran through me and I shot off. I blindly ran forward towards the thick breadth of the forest. I kept running forwards without looking back. I feared what was behind me far too much to look back. As I ran forward, I peeled my ears open to hear my surroundings. I heard nothing. I stopped confused. I decided to turn back so I could see what had been chasing me through the forest. When I turned around I saw nothing there. I looked around me to try to find the thing that was behind me. I saw nothing around me. I stepped backwards as I looked around. Where had it gone? I tripped over and fell backwards. As I fell on the floor, I scraped my arm against something. I felt the blood ooze out of my arm, thick and sticky. I looked down to see what I had hurt my arm against. It was a deep red ruby amulet. The middle glowed and shimmered. I felt attached to it immediately. I looked at it and picked it up. As the amulet touched the palm of my hand, the deep red amulet shimmered deeper and I felt magick, strong, powerful magick, flow into my hand and through my body. My eyes blacked over. I couldn’t see. The darkness was taking over me. The power of the magick pulled me into a dark, deep hole. I fell into the hole deeper and deeper and deeper…

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