The Hidden Key.

The faery world is in danger as a tyrrant takes over the lands...
The elven lands are at their worst yet...
The human world is ignorant as ever.

Three worlds blur.
Fates are entwined.
Destiny holds the only key to survival.

What do you do when there's nothing you can do?


4. Explanations


Washington D.C.

            I swallowed. Did I trust him? I thought. He did help me to here. Maybe he can be trusted. Finally, I decided to trust him. Maybe he knew how to get me back to my own world.

            “I am Gwaine Macken from Cullenada,” I started. I paused. Arthur looked back at me and nodded to proceed. He had understanding in his eyes and realised that it would take me time and courage to tell him my story. I breathed out and continued my story.

            “Back home, I have a father and a mother. No siblings. I think I prefer it that way, no mutts to deal with,” I grumbled quietly. I think Arthur heard as he gave a small smile. “We used to live in Ilsa but my parents had to move to Cullenada because of some… um, well complications,” well that was one way to put it, “I had to leave all my friends and move to this new place where I’d be the new boy and nothing else. It was frustrating to say the least. And, to make it worse the it boy decided to make me his object of attention.

            “Anyway, at this new school I had been put in detention, when I had done nothing at all. I had to clean the hippogriff stables. Their mess is foul. Well, when I had finished cleaning the stable, I saw something move in the shadows. At first I thought it was nothing but then I saw it again. I stepped closer to get a better look at it. There was still nothing there. But then I felt a cool breath down my neck. I got scared and ran.

            “I ran to my teacher and tried to explain to him what had happened but he said it was my imagination. The fool. But it wasn’t my imagination. I had felt it. It was real. I left the classroom and made my way through the forest back home. As I was walking I tripped. I felt the cold chill again. I ran for ages but when I turned around there was no one there. I thought I must have been hallucinating. But then there was a hole behind me. It wasn’t there before. I could have sworn. The hole was black; it didn’t look like it had an end. I turned away but there was an old man there. He waved… I fell backwards. And kept falling until I reached here.”

            I looked up at Arthur to judge his reaction. His face was masked. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. He looked at me and smiled for me to continue. He knew there was more to the story. I breathed in. I looked into Arthur’s eyes. “The hole was a portal,” no reaction, “between the three worlds.” Still no reaction, “You see, I’m not from this world,” nope, nothing, “I’m from the faery world.” I exhaled as I said the last word. I paused to gauge Arthur’s reaction. His eyebrows rose in surprise. Hallelujah! A reaction! He looked at me for a while. My eyes begged him to believe me. He studied me for a second before looking down. After some moments of perplexing thoughts, he looked up.

            “I believe you Gwaine,” he spoke confidently. I looked into his eyes and realised he was telling the truth. He did believe me. He smiled a little and then to relieve the tension he smiled and looked up. “So what does that make you? A faery?” Arthur asked. I looked at him and saw a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Am I right faery Gwaine?” he laughed. Why that little brat! Instantly, I jumped for him. He moved away just in time and began to run.  He might have been a fast runner but he forgot I was a faery that moron. I raised my hand and let the magick flow through me. I pushed the magick out and forced it to cause Arthur to trip. As he fell face first into the floor. I ran and jumped onto him in an instant. I twisted his arms behind him and pulled with force. The little mutt was still laughing. The nerve of him.

            “Laugh some more and I will happily rip your arms and shove them into your mouth to shut you up,” I threatened. Arthur took a little time to calm down from his laugh and then held his arms up in surrender.

            “I’m sorry,” he spoke, holding back his laughter. I got off of him and sat on the floor beside him. He got up to sit on the floor and faced me. He was still struggling to keep his laughter in. We were both breathless from our wrestling. My lip twitched. It wasn’t long until both of us were rolling on the floor in laughter. We laughed for quite some time until we both calmed down. When we were calm Arthur asked me a question.

            “Why did you move?” he asked, looking at me curiously. I blinked in surprise. I didn’t think he would ask me that. I thought he would have asked something about me being a faery. I stuttered a bit in shock then cleared my throat.

            “A Cyclops, Typhoon, took over the faery lands,” I just saw him flinch, why? “I used to live in Ilsa. That was where I wanted to spend my life but it wasn’t possible to go back to Ilsa. All the faeries of Ilsa had already been taken captives and kept as slaves. Typhoon was a tyrant that had no limits, torturing every faery in his way. I wasn’t able to go to Ilsa, it wasn’t safe. Cullenada was one of the few rare places in the faery worlds left that were safe. I was pulled apart from my best friends, my home ruined by that giant beast. I had to stay in Cullenada; there was no other choice,” I explained.

            “Why did this Cyclops take over your land?” Arthur asked.

            “Of the three worlds, the faery world held the young fighters with most magick. Therefore, our world held the Head Magician. He is a faery wizard that is chosen to take control of the natural balance of the three worlds. He is the one that causes the natural disasters, and prevents some disasters from taking place. There has to be a balance of good and bad in these worlds. It’s the natural law. He’s the most powerful magician you can find in these three worlds.

            “But with having the power of controlling these worlds comes the power to destroy them too. Typhoon came over to our world and captured the Head Magician. Now he’s bent on killing every faery in existence.”

            “That would explain the sudden increase in earthquakes and tsunamis. But what I don’t understand is that if Typhoon’s captured the Head Magician, how come he hasn’t taken over the worlds yet?” asked Arthur.

            “When the Head Magician is binded to his role, one of the conditions that bind him is that he cannot cause drastic changes to the natural order of the worlds without the approval and acceptance of the other faeries. That’s why Typhoon is bent on destroying the faery existence. With no faeries left in the three worlds, there is no one for the Head Magician to seek approval from. And Typhoon can finally get what he wants.”

            Arthur looked deep in thought and then angrily shook his head. “Why doesn’t anyone try and stop him? This is awful,” he exclaimed.

            “Many have tried and died. Rumours have it that there is a saviour destined to save the world but it’s nothing more than wishful thinking. There is no saviour. The elves haven’t had a prophecy till date.”

            “The elves? Like as in Santa’s little helpers?” asked Arthur.

            I burst out laughing. Humans, I thought, shaking my head. “No. The elven lands are the third of our worlds. Like the faeries are known for their magick, the elven lands are known for their prophecies. The always receive a prophecy when a disaster strikes. It is our guidance to solve the problem. But they haven’t had one. It’s kept everyone on edge,” I explained.

            Arthur thought about for a while, and then shook his head. He looked up at me. “So what’s the humans’ job?” he asked.

“Their job is to remain ignorant as ever to the problems around them,” I replied, trying to keep my face as straight as possible.

Arthur looked back up at me before snorting. “Figures,” he muttered. He sighed. “Well, the Typhoon problem seems to be the saviour’s job then. But for now, the question is how do we get you back home?” murmured Arthur.

            I looked up at him. He was right. How do I get home? I hadn’t thought about that yet. I stared at the floor as if waiting for it answer my question. I sighed in defeat. I looked up at Arthur and realised that he too was not coming to an answer. We looked at each other hopelessly, trying to find the answer, when suddenly we heard something on the bedroom window. It was some sort of scratch. As if someone were trying to open the window by force. We both looked at each other with fear marked in our eyes. Adrenaline pumped through our veins. We both rose slowly, staying crouched. We walked towards the window, step by step. We looked at each other and stopped when we were within a 2m radius of the window. The window groaned again. The rattling continued. We stopped and stared at the window in fear.  The window rattled harder and harder. Until it finally gave way. We stared. The window was open but no one was there. We stayed and watched. Nothing was there. There was an open window but no person there. Absolutely no one. I couldn’t believe it. Where had the person gone? Where were they hiding? Why weren’t they showing their…

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