The Bradford Bad Boy

When a 17 year old alcoholic meets Zayn Malik in a cheap bar in North London, everything changes. The two constantly meet without planning and it leads to something that could destroy Zayns career...


2. Zayn's House

Zayn's P.O.V

I slowly walked out of the pub and she followed. Smiling. We walked outside and jumped in to my Bently. How I do impress the ladies with my wheels. I drove her to my place slowly. Rather than my big house, I took her too my little special flat that knowone knows about and we just stopped outside.

"Shall we go inside?" she said, looking excited.

"Yeah later, but lets see what we can do here" I winked at her.

As soon as I said that she looked like she wanted it so badly. She ripped off my shirt and leather jacket and she started licking my abs. Mmmm that felt good.

"Do you want to be fed" I said unzipping my jeans with my Bradford bad boy hiding in my thin boxers.

"Fuck yes." She said pulling down my boxers.

Then she started going at it like nothing I have ever experienced before. It felt so good cumming in her mouth. It took her about five minutes to stop. Then she swallowed.

"My turn" I whispered in her ear softly.

I slowly ripped off her shirt and undid her lacey bra. I then took off her shorts and pulled her tights down a bit.

I then inserted my bradford bad boy inside of her and pushed her up against the car seat. I went at her hard, and maybe a little to hard because she was screamming.

"Omg Zayn"



I heard her scream and stopped.

"Whats the matter" I said "I thought you were enjoying yourself"

"I was...but your Bradford bad boy hurts"

"Sorry." I said. I felt bad. Even though shes a slut and a mess, I dont care. Theres something about her that I like and the thought of hurting her like that hurts me.

"Do you want to come inside?" I asked her, with a gentle smile.

Laura's P.O.V

That was so painful. I mean, dont get me wrong, it was amazing. But he is so big.

And, he apologised to me. I think this is about the first time a guy has ever shown interest in me and like cared a little bit.

"Yes, if thats okay" I said to Zayn, smiling at him.

He got out of the car and opened the door for me. And we both walked inside. He had his hand on my bum, but not in a sexual way, more as if he was trying to protect me.

When we got inside he took me upstairs and we got in to his bed. Then, we started talking...


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