The Bradford Bad Boy

When a 17 year old alcoholic meets Zayn Malik in a cheap bar in North London, everything changes. The two constantly meet without planning and it leads to something that could destroy Zayns career...


3. The Chat

I sat on his bed, looking in to his beautiful hazel eyes. They are just perfect. Already my favourite thing about him. I also love his husky voice and his...well. His, mini Zayn. Well I say mini...but it is well ... huge.

While I was mesmorised at the thought of him, he started talking.

"Laura, what bought you to that pub in particular. I mean its not the nicest of pubs." he said, with a curious look on his face.

"Its near where I live I guess. Its cheap. And I dont usually get judged for how I look. I mean, lets be honest, I look like a slut. Thats probably why you took me back. Its why most guys do anyway. Just because they want to have sex with me or hurt me." I said, not looking in to his eyes.

"Okay. And, maybe im different, maybe thats not the only reason I took you home....

...hold on, what do you mean hurt you?" he said, looking shocked.

"Well...with some guys it wasnt really my choice. I guess some men just decide that they like the look of me and just take me to their car, to their house or beside the bins. Theres no point in complaining when they do that because its just easier if you give them what they want and just man up a little. You just have to put all of your emotions aside and get over it. I guess the drink helps. And, some for some men sex isnt enough. They want more. They want to feel like they are in power and they like hurting you."

His eyes were wide open and I had never seen someone so shocked in my life.

"So you just let what they want." He said, he sounded shocked.

"I guess...its better than not letting them." I replied.

"Fuck. I already want to kill someone. Do they force you?" he sounded angry.

"Mostly, yes" I shyly replied.

"Thats rape, you could take them to court. Or do something. Please do something."

"It would just get worse...

anyway, I better get going." I said. I didnt want to overstay my welcome.

"No, you dont have to go. Its like 3 in the morning anyway. You can stay for the night in my bed, if you want. Ill protect you for tonight." he said, kindly.

"Okay, but I dont need protecting. Im a big girl Zayn." I said to him, softly.

That obviously made him laugh because I heard a small chuckle.

"Yeah, but your now my responsibility." he said, still laughing a bit.

"Zayn, enough with this. Im going to go and have a quick shower before I go to bed. I feel rank." I said, a bit more seriously.

"May I join you, my lady?" He asked. I found it funny because im anything but a lady.

"In the morning you may, but now im not in the mood for shower sex." I said, lying. Of course I was. The thought of him in the shower. God. I couldnt handle it.

"See you in a bit." I whispered in his ear.

"Can't wait." He winked at me.

God, he's perfect. Maybe I am starting to like him a little more than I should. *He is just a one night stand* *Just a one night stand* I was trying to get that into my head. But there was something about him, I didnt know what it was but it made me feel like he cared. He made me feel special. He made me feel confident. And he made me feel good about myself.

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