The Bradford Bad Boy

When a 17 year old alcoholic meets Zayn Malik in a cheap bar in North London, everything changes. The two constantly meet without planning and it leads to something that could destroy Zayns career...


1. Laura.

Laura's P.O.V

Drink after drink after drink. Just downing and downing and downing and downing. Drink makes me feel good. It makes me feel relaxed. It makes me feel as though there is nothing else in the world but me and my drink. Its an indescribable amazing feeling.

It makes me feel more confident, hence just having a quick glance around the old, run down pub, I can see that I have had sex with almost everyone (attractive or not). I dont care. Maybe some of the encounters wernt fully my choice, but I cant complain. And maybe some of them are married men, but hey, makes it better if I can make someone elses life as fucked up as my own.

Suddenly deciding that I need a new victim tonight, I looked round the pub searching for anyone. I havnt drunk as much as usual so my standards are a bit higher. Then I see him, with his beautiful shining hazel eyes. His sexy brown leather jacket. Just standing there, as if he is waiting for something or someone.

Then his eyes caught mine, and he was just staring at me. Looking at every part of me, from my ripped, laddered tights, to my shirt that was hanging down so far that my lacey bra was fully visible. He walked over to me making every step perfect. God. Why was he coming towards me. Im a fucking slag that doesnt deserve anyone or anything. Yet alone him. Mr Perfect.

Zayn's P.O.V

Shes beautiful. Not perfect. But beautiful. And, she looks like she would be good. I walked over to her, looking her up and down. The things I would do to her.

"Heya," she said.

"Hi," I said back, adding a husky tone to seem sexy.

"You want a drink" I said, giving her a cheeky smile.

"I have already drunk loads here, but what about at yours?" she winked at me cheekily. 

"Okay, but try and avoid the paparazzi. They like stalk me. And if we do anything and they take a picture. Then my career will go down the drain" I said to her, worringly.

"Sure. But who says we are going to do anything?"

"Me" I said to her, showing who is in charge.

"Now lets go. So I can see more of you." I said, with a smirking smile on my face.


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