My Review On Private Peaceful (The Film)


1. Review

I am about to tell you what i thought of the 'Private Peaceful' movie as it came out in 2012. If your like me and love the book of 'Private Peaceful' written by the wonderful Micheal Morpurgo then you'll love the film!

Of course the film is based on the book, but the film skips a big gap at the beginning as at the beginning you have him remembering his life as a young boy and his first memory is his first day of school and he is scared.

But in the film it isnt like that, the film starts of with Tommo (main character) waiting then checking his pocket watch then you go to when he was a boy and he and his brother Charlie are on the Lords land and their father spots them and they run away.

I love this film as i love the book and when you watch it you will see what i mean.

How they did the war part is magnificent as it is exactl like the First World War.


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