One Line Headcanons (HP)

I just type alot of different Harry Potter related things in here.

If you want to read, you are welcome, my darling angel.

If you have any request or something, you are welcome to write them, adn I will try to make a HC out of it. Except WolfStar. I will not write WolfStar. I am an hardcore anti WolfStar shipper. Remadora, always.


150. Weird, old man

A guy from Ravenclaw, whom Teddy Lupin had classes with, pointed out that everything near to werewolfs, were digusting, and should be locked up. Later that night, he wanted to escape from Hogwarts, due to the old, weird man, with scars all over his face, standing in the corner, and beated him up. When the guy runned away, leaving McGonagall standing alone, she said: "That weren't very nice, Mr Lupin.", but didn't take any points from the Hufflepuffs.

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