One Line Headcanons (HP)

I just type alot of different Harry Potter related things in here.

If you want to read, you are welcome, my darling angel.

If you have any request or something, you are welcome to write them, adn I will try to make a HC out of it. Except WolfStar. I will not write WolfStar. I am an hardcore anti WolfStar shipper. Remadora, always.


65. Magic grows

Dudleys second child, showed up to be a muggleborn wizard. The most happy person in the family about it, were Petunia. Though she never became a wizard herself, it proved that she were the missing link between Harrys parents and Dudley, and she had a part magical blood in her. Even though Harry and Ginny knew it wasn't true, they never told her, and letted her live with the thought of being one part wizard.

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