One Line Headcanons (HP)

I just type alot of different Harry Potter related things in here.

If you want to read, you are welcome, my darling angel.

If you have any request or something, you are welcome to write them, adn I will try to make a HC out of it. Except WolfStar. I will not write WolfStar. I am an hardcore anti WolfStar shipper. Remadora, always.


12. Chocolate Frog Cards

Once, at diner at the Potters, Hermione braught chocolate frogs to all their kids. Lily shouted out loud, angry: "I don't want uncle again! I already have three!". Ron got to see the chocolate card, and said that it were his greatest achievement, he ever done.



Can you say the last? I'm a bit confused... Well, now you know that, if it's a mistake, it isn't directly my fault. Or something.

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