Daughter of Poseidon 2: The Sea of Monsters

Lexi and Percy are at school for there last day when some monsters come again. This time it's not there mom Sally Jackson who is in danger but their friend Grover the Saytr. They have to go save him with there friends. Also at camp the pine tree that used to be Thalia the daughter of Zeus has been poisoned. Plus Chiron has been replaced for a while.


6. Princess Andromeda

L pov

We approached the Cruise ship and on the side it said, PRINCESS ANDROMEDA. "Percy are you sure this is the ship Hermes told you about?" I asked.

"Yes he told me it was called the 'Princess Andromeda'."

"Well I think you got it wrong."

"No I didn't Alexis." 

"Stop arguing brother and sister." Tyson said. 

"Ok sorry Tyson." I said. 

We climbed up a ladder that was on the ship and this weird mortal led us to a huge suite with three rooms. Each room had three beds. I shared a room with Annabelle and Annabeth. Percy and Travis shared a room and Tyson got his own room. Each room had big TVs and a basket of sweets. I jumped onto my bed and fell asleep. 

T pov 

I knocked on the Girls' bedroom door. Lexi was the one who opened it. She was in a night gown and her Black hair was in a messy bun. Her sea green eyes were looking at me. "Hey." She said. 

"Hey. Lets explore the boat and find something to eat." I replied. 

"By find something to eat. You mean steal something to eat, right?"


"Okay. Let's go after I get dressed." She said. 

After 15 minutes Lexi came out again in a dress and some flats. They explored the ship and saw monsters. "Come on let's go talk in my office." A familiar voice said. Lexi looked around the corner and saw Luke. 

"Travis. It's Luke. We need to tell Percy." Lexi said. I ran upstairs real quick and brought Percy, Annabeth, Annabelle and Tyson to where Lexi was. 

Tyson listened and told us the conversation in a creepy way. He actually had Luke and his henchman's voice. 

When he finished we found out that Luke was making a army of monsters and mortals to help bring back the Titan Kronos. Suddenly Lexi was taken and they took the rest of us too. 

L pov

"Well look who's here. My cousins, a satyr and my brother Travis." Luke said. 

"We know about your plan Luke and you won't get away with it!" I yelled. 

We were on the deck and the mortals acted as if nothing was going on. 

"If your so sure of yourself cousin, I challenge you to a sword duel to the death." Luke said. 

"I accept." I replied. 

I took Riptide from Percy and started to fight with Luke when he cut me and pushed me down. A Pegasus suddenly came out and it tried to fly away. The fountain had broken when I was fighting Luke and I saw the reflection of a rainbow and whispered, "Camp HalfBlood, Mr. D." And nobody noticed except my friends and I got up and spoke to Luke, "Where are you going to go? I thought you were going to get more mortals Luke."

"I'm going to the sea of monsters to get the cloak." He replied. 

"Your not good enough. I wish you were more like your father, Hermes." 

"Do not speak of him in front of me."

"Why not?" I asked 

"He has failed."


"He was against Kronos when he should've been with him. Kronos is better than any of the gods."

"Oh really." Mr. D said. 

"I will kill you Alexis! I know it was you who did that!" Luke yelled at me. Percy and I freed the Pegasi. One was a girl with a white coat and the boy had a black coat. 

Percy, Annabeth, Annabelle, Tyson, Travis, and I jumped off the boat. 

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