Daughter of Poseidon 2: The Sea of Monsters

Lexi and Percy are at school for there last day when some monsters come again. This time it's not there mom Sally Jackson who is in danger but their friend Grover the Saytr. They have to go save him with there friends. Also at camp the pine tree that used to be Thalia the daughter of Zeus has been poisoned. Plus Chiron has been replaced for a while.


2. Percy plays dogdeball with Cannibals

L pov

Percy and I went to chemistry with Tyson. "Okay class we're going to.." Our teacher began to say. Suddenly Tyson moved and since he was really big he knocked down some chemicals. And I couldn't see anything. Our teacher told us to go outside and she came with us. "Percy, Alexis and Tyson that's exactly what we were going to do. You three got A's." "Nice job Tyson." I said. "I didn't mean to." He replied. "I know but it's awesome because we got a A." Percy said. We had like 30 more minutes of class so our teacher told us to go to the courtyard. "Hey Tyson check out what I can do with the water from the fountain." I said. I pushed the button let go and made it go higher and higher. "Freaks." I heard behind me. I turned. It was this guy named Lucas. He always messed with Percy, Tyson and I the most.
"Leave us alone Lucas." I said. He laughed at me. "Oh are you going to get your brother to shoot me. Or are you going to kick me in the face." I remembered my year in sixth grade. I had kicked a kid in the face because I saw his true form. "Maybe I'll dislocate your shoulder." I replied. He looked at me then looked at his friends. "She isn't worth it." He said. Then they went away. "Those guys are such idiots." Percy said. "I know. I feel sorry you guys are in the same gym class." I said. "If only we had archery club together." Tyson said. "It would be fun. Mr. Rhodes says I am the best girl shooter." I replied. Percy smiled. He probably was thinking about the first time he saw me shooting at the range at camp. Suddenly the bell rang. "Yes. Archery here I come. See you guys later." I said running to my locker to put my stuff away.

P pov
Tyson and I went to the boy's locker room real quick. Everyone was getting there sneakers on. I got in my gym uniform real quick and was tying my sneakers when Tyson came to me. "Could you you know?" He asked. "Sure buddy." I said. I tied Tyson's sneakers. Tyson is a homeless kid that our private school was giving him a scholarship for a experiment or something. We went into the gym where are gym teacher Mr. Johnson was reading sports illustrated like usual. "Today we'll be playing dodgeball. The team captains are Lucas and Percy." He said. I got all the wimps like always. When the whistle sounded. The kids who were wearing name tags became big and held balls that were actually on fire. I wanted to get my sword but it was in the pocket of my jeans. One of the giants threw fire and Tyson caught it before it could hit me and the heat wasn't bothering him at all. A ball hit the door of the locker room I ran in real quick and got riptide.
I got three with Tyson's help but there was still one more. Suddenly the last one disintegrated. There was a golden knife threw him and I knew exactly who it was. Annabeth took off her Yankees cap that made her invisible. "Hey seaweed brain. Where is your sister?" She asked. But before I could say anything Lexi came in. "What happened here?" She asked. "Some cannibals." Annabeth replied. "Ok we better leave before the principal comes. So we pretty much have two minutes." She said. "We gotta take Tyson." I said. "Him?" Annabeth asked. "Yeah." I replied. "Whatever even though our ride might not take him." She said. "Let's go." Lexi said. We all ran outside into a alley.
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