Daughter of Poseidon 2: The Sea of Monsters

Lexi and Percy are at school for there last day when some monsters come again. This time it's not there mom Sally Jackson who is in danger but their friend Grover the Saytr. They have to go save him with there friends. Also at camp the pine tree that used to be Thalia the daughter of Zeus has been poisoned. Plus Chiron has been replaced for a while.


5. Leaving again

P pov
Lexi went to the beach with Travis like she usaully did. I went to the beach somewhere else though. I was sitting on the sand with a six pack of coke that Connor got me when a dude jogging stopped by me and asked if he could have one. I gave one to him and he sat down. It was probably because of the tree being poisoned that he was there right now. "Perseus you want to leave and find Grover don't you?" He asked. I felt my eyes bulge out of my head as I realized who he was. "Your Hermes. The god of thievery." I said. "Correct Percy. You will go on a boat with your 4 other friends and your sister." He said. I looked at him. I couldn't leave without permission and Annabeth and Tyson didn't know I was here. But then I heard 3 voices calling my name. It was Annabeth, Annabelle and Tyson and I saw Lexi and Travis running toward me. I turned and saw Hermes was gone. I told everyone to get into the water and I made the waves take us to the boat Hermes told me about.
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