Daughter of Poseidon 2: The Sea of Monsters

Lexi and Percy are at school for there last day when some monsters come again. This time it's not there mom Sally Jackson who is in danger but their friend Grover the Saytr. They have to go save him with there friends. Also at camp the pine tree that used to be Thalia the daughter of Zeus has been poisoned. Plus Chiron has been replaced for a while.


4. Chariot Race

It's been a while since we got here. Today were racing on chariots. Whichever cabin wins they get a month without chores. I stayed in the stands right by the road. Travis and Connor are representing Hermes cabin. I don't think Travis should be competing so if he gets hurt I will run over with water. Travis came over to me. "Can I get a kiss for luck?" He asked. "Maybe." I replied. He smiled. I kissed him. "Okay racers to the chariots." I heard on the speakers. Travis sighed. "See you after I win." He said and got the reigns that controlled the Pegasi.

I watched Tyson protect Percy. Tyson turned out to be our like brother. Percy hasn't said it though because everyone makes fun of us now. Not really surprising. I looked into the sky for the clear sky but saw metal birds. I gasped and told the Apollo children. We got our bows and arrows. I started to shoot into the sky but the arrows bounced off. I looked and saw Percy and Tyson being surrounded. "Annabeth!" I yelled. She looked over and got a rope and brought the Athena and Posiedon chariot together. Tyson looked scared so I whistled for one of the extra Pegasi. "Come on Sue." I said as I got on her. We flew up and I got out the sword that I had on my back. Me always being prepared (Not). I killed a couple of them and I saw the new activities director say something that I didn't hear. "Dish duty for the ones who started the interruption." He had said. He meant Percy, Annabeth, Tyson and I. Just Perfect.
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