Daughter of Poseidon 2: The Sea of Monsters

Lexi and Percy are at school for there last day when some monsters come again. This time it's not there mom Sally Jackson who is in danger but their friend Grover the Saytr. They have to go save him with there friends. Also at camp the pine tree that used to be Thalia the daughter of Zeus has been poisoned. Plus Chiron has been replaced for a while.


1. Morning

L Pov
I woke up to my mom yelling at Percy and I to get up or we'll be late. I got in my yoshi T-shirt, some denim shorts and my sneakers. I put my hair in a bun then went into the kitchen and saw blue waffles on the table. Percy came in wearing a plain T-shirt and some jeans. "Today shouldn't involve any monsters because its been safe all year." My mom said. "I think your right mom." I said. I saw Percy's face as if he had the worst dream a HalfBlood could have. "Ok what dream did you have this time Percy?" I asked. He looked at me and spoke, "Grover is in trouble." I knew this wasn't a joke so I got up and got my bow from my room. It was disguised as a eraser. "I need to be safe and so do you." I said. He nodded and got out his pen. It was his sword riptide. Suddenly behind me I heard a familiar voice say, "Hey Lexi wanna go to the movies after school?" I turned and saw it was Travis Stoll my boyfriend. He was sending an iris message from camp. "Hey who you talking to Travis?" Connor asked. Connor was his twin brother.
"Hey Connor." I said. "Hey Lexi." He replied. "How about that movie then?" Travis asked. "Sure if nothing goes wrong." I replied. "Ok. See you later then." He said. Then we were disconnected. "Let's get to the bus stop Tyson might be there already." I said.
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