Love Triangle

Mary leaves her abusive boyfriend because she fears for her safety and doesnt love him anymore. As she runs away she meets Zayn whom is staying with his four mates. Mary instantly is attracted to Zayn. Zayn deep down has feelings for Mary, but will he miss the opportunity to be with her because he is scared to admit his feelings for her when he knows his best friend Harry has a crush on her as well?

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1. Getting Out

Mary's Pov

"I thought i love him, but i dont anymore. It's not ok to be hit and it's time I stand up for myself." I cry to myself. Stefan walks in with a beer can in his hand as usual "Where do you think you're going?" he shouts aggressively. "Stefan, I'm sorry, but I can't do this anymore." Stefan races towards me, pushes me up against the wall harshly. His mouth is so close to my with his hand wrapped around my neck. The alcohol smell is unbearable, that I feel myself close to vomiting. "I'm not letting you leave. I love you. You have to -" I cut him off " I don't have to do anything I'm - " He tightens his grip around my neck, drops the beer can and starts kissing me. His tongue is forcing mine down, I can't do anything. I push and push him off but he keeps hitting me until I go along with it, I reach for the lamp and beat him with it. His head starts bleeding and I push him on the bed. I grab my bag and run until I think I'm safe. I get to a park bathroom, it's night and I need to stop the bleeding for my nose. As I walk into the bathroom crying I see a guy sanding under the light smoking. I try not to make noise, but he hears my sobbing. "Babe, is everything alright?" he says in this cute English accent. I turn and look down, trying to hide my face as I wipe my tears. "I-I .. forget it" I say shamefully. I turn to walk in the bathroom, when I feel someone grab my hand and pull me back. "Who did this to you? Babe, what happened?" I don't have the energy to talk, I stand there and start crying as loud as I can. He pulls me into his warm chest and cuddles me until i calm down. He says "what's your name?" "Mary" I reply with a semi smile. "Well, Mary, my name is Zayn, how about I take you back to my place and get you cleaned up, perhaps on the way you can fill me in. I must warn you, I share an apartment with my four best friends" he lifts my head up and I smile. He's eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I think I'm falling for him.

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