Sophia Cowell

Hello I'm Sophia Cowell yeah u heard the last name before did ya okay maybe not my dad is Simon Cowell it all happen in 2010 From fights to love to sex and faith find out Will Simon Liked The Idea Of Liam Payne Harry Styles Zayn Malik Always Around His Daughter Find Out Who Will She Choses Who Will Fight Who Will Love


6. Chapter 6

Sophia Prov____________________________________________________________________
Liam Voice has Approve Very well Since the last time he been here I went to Liam and his family
Me:Liam You Did Good.....Liam:Thanks.....Nicola:Who is this Liam....Liam:This is Simons Daughter remember Sophia.....Nicola:Oh Hi Sophai Long Time no see...we shook hands.....Ruth: Sophia....Me:Ruth....we look at each other then Ruth gave me a big hug.....Ruth:so what you been up really I came to see the aduitions.....Ruth:Oh okay...after that I said hello to there mother and father then we said are good byes....Then Harry Came Running to me.....Harry:Wish me wish you look.....he went to the stage to Aduition
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