Sophia Cowell

Hello I'm Sophia Cowell yeah u heard the last name before did ya okay maybe not my dad is Simon Cowell it all happen in 2010 From fights to love to sex and faith find out Will Simon Liked The Idea Of Liam Payne Harry Styles Zayn Malik Always Around His Daughter Find Out Who Will She Choses Who Will Fight Who Will Love


4. Chapter 3

Zayn walk off the stage And I went up to him
Me:your pretty good
Zayn:um Thank You Who are you
Me:Sophia Cowell nice to meet you
Zayn:Your Simon Cowells daughter
Me:Yes I am
Zayn:Alright Well Nice meeting you Sophia I gotta get back
Me:Alright Bye Zayn
He walk Off Then Liam Walk up to me
Liam:Okay It's My Turn wish me luck
Me:I wish you luck Liam
I gave him a hug and he Went On the stage
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