Sophia Cowell

Hello I'm Sophia Cowell yeah u heard the last name before did ya okay maybe not my dad is Simon Cowell it all happen in 2010 From fights to love to sex and faith find out Will Simon Liked The Idea Of Liam Payne Harry Styles Zayn Malik Always Around His Daughter Find Out Who Will She Choses Who Will Fight Who Will Love


2. Chapter 2

as we were All Laughing and joking and getting to know each other
Me:So Harry What You Singing
Harry:Oh Isn't she lovely by Steve wonder
Me:Oh I Love That Song I Can't Wait To Here You Sing
Harry:Well I Think My Number Will Be Comming Up Soon Alright I Gotta Get Back To My Family
See You Later Sophia See ya later Liam
Liam:See You Later
Me:Goodluck Harry
As he walk back to his family me And Liam began to talk again
Me:So Liam What you singing
Liam:Cry me a river
Me:Oh That Song Is Wonderful Oh I Can't Wait to hear you sing I can tell you have upgraded your voice I can tell you are gonna be wonderful
Liam:Thanks soph alright I gotta let you go I gotta get back
Me:Okay Goodluck
He left then I can see a boy whit black hair tan skin cute go up on the stage
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