Sophia Cowell

Hello I'm Sophia Cowell yeah u heard the last name before did ya okay maybe not my dad is Simon Cowell it all happen in 2010 From fights to love to sex and faith find out Will Simon Liked The Idea Of Liam Payne Harry Styles Zayn Malik Always Around His Daughter Find Out Who Will She Choses Who Will Fight Who Will Love


1. Chapter 1

Dad:Wake Up Sophia we gotta go

Me:No Im To tired

Dad:come On We gotta go we're gonna be late


I finally gave in I got up out of bed and went in that bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth hello Im Sophia Cowell You ever hear of Simon Cowell if you did then you hear of the xfactor
Me and dad Are going there To the Aduitions there since he works there I finally was done getting ready i putted on Make up Black eye linner whit pink cheeks and Macura I change in to Tight jeans Nikes sneakers and a Blue v nek t shirt I got my sweater my phone and my purse walk down stairs on the way there we stopped at MC to go eat we went trough A drive trough we dident stop to eat we made it to the xfactor it was crowed Whit Lots of people we walk in dad walk to the stage where Louie Cheryl And Nicole was at I sat down where the people was singing just before they get on stage more likely a waiting place I sat on the chair eating then a girl comes up to me
Cher:you can't eat here
Me:i can do what ever I want okay now leave me alone
Cher:I was only telling you that theres a sign over there saying cant eat
Me:well no sign gonna stop me do you know who i am do you know who is my father
Me:Simon Cowell
Cher:oh sorry forgive me
Me:will do she left after
I amit it because runs in the blood I run after my father whit being mean
Then after thinking i seen a face I haven't seen in years
Liam:I see you still love eating
Me:what's it to you payne
Liam:nothing Cowell
Me:oh my god Liam
I gave him a big big hug
Me:I see you have returnd
I say back down Liam sat next to me then a guy whit curly hair and green eyes came up to me
Harry:hey beautiful
Me:your cute
Harry:who me
Me:yeah your cute what's your name
Harry: Harry styles
Me:Sophia Cowell we shook hands and I told him to sit by me after I was done eating we start laughing and joking and stuff
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