Lay Beside You

its about a girl who found herself becoming famous and in the midst of this she falls in love with Harry Styles and finds herself in trouble


2. Our First date

 Neha's pov

I reached home and called my big sister Claudia , I needed advice from her for my first ever date . " Hello?" I heard her answer ." Hi sis , this is Neha . Listen I need advice for my first date" I said to her . " Wait ill come over " she said . " Thanks sis" I replied. After a while she reached here . " Neha , go get dressed I'm taking you out to get you ready for your date " she said. I quickly got dressed and we got inside her car. She hit the gas and by the time we reached where she was going to take me I realized what she wanted to do. She wanted to buy a dress for me from Chanel . She bought for me a strapless red dress went till just above my knees which hugged the top part of my body and then she took me to the saloon to get my nails and my hair done . She had my hair done so that the ends of my hair was is ringlet shape and the she got me home and did my makeup and by that time it was time for Harry to come pick me up. He knocked on the door and Claudia pushed me out the door and said she will lock the door with her key . I got inside Harrys car and he told me I looked beautiful .

I got in the car with Harry . "Hey gorgeus " he told me. "You don't look so bad yourself Styles" I replied. " Was that your sister who taught you how to dance ?" he asked . " No, that was my sister Claudia . The one who taught me to dance is Shahad . Claudia's getting married next month to her boyfriend Matt. " I said . " Ohh " he replied in his slow British accent . I took my phone showed him a picture of my family . " There's mom and dad " I said pointing to thier faces . " Then my sister Shahad and then Claudia and finally my little sister Ashleigh " I said . "'Nice family . I would like to meet them " he said . We reached the place Harry was taking me to . We had some thing for dinner , I forgot what it was because of the thing Harry said next . He asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes . We drove back to my house and then Harry escorted me to my house and in front of the door he kissed me . It was a long passionate kiss and it was also my first . " I love you Neha " he said . " I love you too Harry " I said and waved goodbye to him and got inside . I went up to my room and called Claudia and said to her thanks for the advice and that the date was a success . I got into bed and slept .

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