Lay Beside You

its about a girl who found herself becoming famous and in the midst of this she falls in love with Harry Styles and finds herself in trouble


1. Meeting One Direction

Neha's P.O.V

I woke up to my alarm ringing from my phone . To tell the truth I didn't want to get up from bed . That was until I saw the heading on the mobile , it read "One Direction today meeting " I remembered what that meant ,today was the day I would meet One Direction to sing with them . I get ready and I put on my baby pink sundress with my white jacket topped off with my white head band and pink shoes . I touched my neck where my friendship necklace layed me and my bbf Nadine never took it off . I hopped into my car to get Nadine . She came out of her house . My jaw dropped she looked gorgeous in her purple sundress topped off with her purple earrings and our bbf necklace . As she got in the she said " Neha aren't you exicited to sing with our favorite band ? You should be your a great singer that's what made you famous." . " Of course I'm exicited , Its not everyday you get to sing with them . " I said as I turned on the stereo and put 'Live While We're Young' . I sang along to the song and then we pulled up to the studio we where supposed to meet them . I feel my heart racing as I stepped into the studio and knocked the door where they were supposed to be . " Come in " I heard Harrys voice say. I turned the handle of the door.

I opened the door and I saw them and all of then looked so fucking hot . " Im Neha and this is my best friend Nadine"I said to them . Niall got off the couch he was sitting and gave me and Nadine a big Horan hug . I could see Nadine blushing as Niall was her favorite band member . The all of them got up and shook my hand except for Harry , he gave me a kiss on the cheek which made my cheek turn red . " Hi Neha and Nadine" they said to us . And then Luis shouted some thing really loud which made me blush a lot he said " Neha ,Harry is a huge fan of you" . I saw Harry turn red .We started singing some of the lines from the song basically they wanted me to sing with Harry . And then after we were done ,Niall asked Nadine if she knew how to dance and she said yes then me and her danced for them and blew them away with our dance steps . " How did you learn to dance like that ?" Niall asked me and Nadine . " We learnt to dance from Neha's big sister" She replied. Harry pulled my arm and brought me outside and asked me " Neha I know we only known eachother for a few hours,but would you like to go on a date with me? " . My breath increase and some how I managed to say yes and kiss his cheek . Me and Harry went back inside the studio where Niall was sayin he wanted Nadine to be with him on the video of the song . Me and her said bye to them and headed home.

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