Lay Beside You

its about a girl who found herself becoming famous and in the midst of this she falls in love with Harry Styles and finds herself in trouble


3. A Day Out With the boys

Neha's P.O.V

I awoke to Harry calling me on my phone . " Hi Harry" I said . " Hey babe , listen can you and Nadine come over to my house we've got some people we want you to meet . " he said . " Yeah sure we'll come come over " I said . " Bye , I love you " he says . " Love you too babe " I said . I got ready quickly and called Nadine .why isn't she picking up the phone "

Nadine's P.O.V

I heard my phone ring but in too lazy to pick it up . eventually I picked it up cuz I was annoyed . " Hello?" I said. "Hey Nadine , can you get ready quick we are going to meet some people the boys want us to meet ." I heard Neha say . Of course I was going to get dressed and I have to tell her that me and Niall had our first date yesterday ." Yeah , listen , me and Niall had our first date yesterday " I said . " what a coincidence , me and Harry had our first date yesterday and big news , I'm his girlfriend " she said . " Omg , I'm exicited for you I'm Niall's too " I said and then we both screamed through the phone . " Be ready in five " she said and cut the phone . I hit dressed quickly and waited for her outside .

Neha's p.o.v

I picked up Nadine and we headed to Harry's house . We reached there and went up to his house and he opened the door . We went inside and we saw Marisa, Kacey and Emmie sitting there . So Harry wanted us to meet the rest of the girls . Marisa is engaged to Louis and she is really nice . Kacey and Liam have been dating for 3 years . Emmie and Zayn have been dating for a year . We all talked and then we went out for lunch to Nandos cause Niall was making a fuss to go there . After lunch me and Nadine became close to the rest of the girls . Nadine decided to go with Niall and he said he was going to drop her at her house . Every one left and then me and Harry went back to his house . He made me sit on the sofa and he sang for me Little Things it was so perfect that I started cryin. I kissed him good bye and I left for home because I had to go out with Claudia because she had to buy some accessories for me and all the bridesmaids .

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