Look After You ~Squeal to Taken~

Eleanor is gone, Louis hates to admit it now he is left with their new born baby boy Tommy. Louis has always dreamed about having a son with Eleanor, once the dream came true Eleanor died causing it to turn into a nightmare Louis hardly ever comes out of his room but when he does and Tommy tries to get close Louis gets un comfortable everytime blaming Tommy for the death of Eleanor.
Will he ever accept the fact that he needs to be a father?

Read Taken first you'll get it a lot more.


15. Tonight

-Zayn's POV-

"You guys ready yet?" I asked Louis and Harry appeared from their rooms I smiled they were making such good recoveries.
"The fans are still out there" I said
I had borrowed a pair of red suspenders from Louis but they hung against my black jeans. I was wearing a black tshirt and a black and red varsity jacket and my red nikes. I had my hair quiffed.
Louis was wearing the basic stripes and chinos with toms. Harry wore a plain white tshirt and black jeans and white converse.
I walked down the stairs Louis and Harry following me I walked down the drive way with them and the fans erupted in screams we took pictures and signed auto graphs. Soon it was time to go back inside. I smiled at the fans
"We love you all!" I yelled Louis and Harry smiled and nodded.


"This is good pasta Liam." Niall says I nod and agree. Things have gotten pretty awkward...
"Thanks... Harry's been giving me a little lessons on cooking." Liam says stabbing another noodle with his fork and putting it in his mouth Niall stabbed at his bowl a couples times and lifted his fork up to reveal a number of noodles he shoved them all in his mouth I sigh and take a bite. An awkward smile falls on us again.
"So Zayn how've you been?" Liam asked
"What do you mean?" I asked
"You know since... Perrie and stuff" he says
"Oh that, I've been good I guess..." I said looking down at my noodles. Ever since the whole thing where me and Perrie had to watch Tommy she's been after babies. She wants to have kids but I don't wanna have one yet. So her, Danielle and her band mate Jesy went somewhere, I guess it really upset her. I don't know why like were still young. I guess she broke up with me. She made it pretty obvious. Danielle seemed upset with Liam about something too. Tommy's crying cut through the silence Louis tensed up. Louis still refused to see Tommy. The pain of Eleanor not being here is just to much for him. After all Eleanor was going to be his wife.
"I'll get him" Liam says getting up. I look at Louis he looks down at his noodles
"We shod to out tonight Lou" I said
"What?" He asked
"You know to a club?" I said
"Perrie dumped me, your too alone. We need to find you another girl." I said Louis nodded
"When would we go?" He asked
"Tonight" I said
"Just you and me?" He asked
"Just you and me Louis" I said smiling non of the boys took it to enfense. Harry was seeing someone and Niall was with Stacy the nurse that took care of Louis and Harry.
"Wanna go now? I could use getting out of this house" Louis said
"Yeah let's go get ready" I said Harry and Niall shook their heads at us
"Don't forget to use protection ladies man" Harry said winking at me I chuckled Louis seemed almost excited about tonight's plans.
I went into my room I decided to keep my out fit on but I re-did my hair putting gel on my hands and working the magic Louis came up behind me and pinched my wake causing me to jump I chuckled he changed into a grey button up shirt he had the sleeves rolled up and wearing black chinos with the ankles rolled up of course and black keds. His hair is quiffed.
"Lets go" He says I nod.
We quickly walk down the stairs
"Lets take the Porsche" he says taking the keys off the hook and tossing them back to me.


Me and Louis arrive and the night club it is dark now.
I put his keys in my hidden pocket on the inside of my varsity jacket so no one could snatch them from my pocket or anything and we walk in showing our IDs.
"Head to the bar" Louis says in my ear I nod and we walk to the bar I get us two stools and I order a beer Louis does the same.
"So Zayn, why did you bring me out here really?" Louis asks
"I thought I could trust you with a huge secret." I said
"Lay it on me." Louis says taking a drink from his beer
"I cheated on Perrie" I said Louis spat out the beer that was in his mouth making a god spit take.
He apologizes to the bar tender who starts to wipe it off.
"You cheated on her?" He whisper yells at me
"Yeah, I'm not really proud of it..."
"Well if you feel bad about it then thats good." He said
"But who did you sleep with?" He asked taking another drink
"Leigh-Anne" I said he spit out his beer again
"That's it you two get away from the bar come back when your ready to keep it in your mouth do you need a bib or something?" the bartender snapped
"Funny that's exactly what I said to your mom last night" Louis said smirking I pulled him away from the bar.
"Are you crazy?!" I yelled over the music
"Jeez Zayn, Relax!" Louis yells over the music
"Your drunk!" I yelled over the music
"What can I say?! I'm a lightweight!" He said laughing I turned my head looking for the exit. I found it
"Ok Louis were going home" I said turning around to see no Louis
"Oh shit."
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