Look After You ~Squeal to Taken~

Eleanor is gone, Louis hates to admit it now he is left with their new born baby boy Tommy. Louis has always dreamed about having a son with Eleanor, once the dream came true Eleanor died causing it to turn into a nightmare Louis hardly ever comes out of his room but when he does and Tommy tries to get close Louis gets un comfortable everytime blaming Tommy for the death of Eleanor.
Will he ever accept the fact that he needs to be a father?

Read Taken first you'll get it a lot more.


9. This Dreaming Is Killing Me

-Niall's POV-

"Want me to get you some food?" I asked that's when he takes out his IV and sits up
"No lets go" he says full of energy he gets up and starts to walk he slaps my shoulder as he walks by I quickly get up and follow him down the hall he throws his arm around my shoulders
"How you doin' Nialler?" He asked smiling
"Awesome now that I know your ok" I said
"Cha it feels good" he says
"What are we getting to eat?" I asked
"Be patient Nialler we have t-" he cut off by a foggy voice
"Sir Mr. Horan" I feel like I'm being pulled away from Louis.
Soon my heads snaps up from in my knees and I see the same old sleeping Louis, it was all a dream?! I started to cry
"What's wrong Sir?" She asked me
"Nothing what do you need?" I ask glancing down at the sleeping Louis
"We are preparing for Louis' transportation" she says
"Where's he going?" I asked
"The room beside us I believe it's Harry Styles room, your band mate requested it I think Liam Payne?" She said
"Oh yeah that's right, do you want my help?" I ask
"Um can you push his machines along beside him?" She asked
"Yeah sure" I said
I took hold of the machines and we wheeled Louis down the hall

-Liam's POV-

Harry was just waking up when I heard Niall's voice
"It that Niall?" Harry asked weakly he was in a lot of pain today. I felt bad because I could have caused this pain holding him down.
I heard a wheeling sound. That's when a hospital bed cleared through the door with a sleeping Louis on it Niall set up the machines beside his bed and then they had to pick up Louis and put him in the bed that was for this room so they could return the other one. The two nurses lifted up Louis and put him in the bed his head facing the other way Harry was looking at him, the nurses nodded and left I followed after them to thank them.

-Niall's POV-

"Niall?" Harry's soft weak voice said behind me
"Yeah Hazza?" I said turning around
"Can you turn him so he's looking at us?" He asked me
"Yeah" I said I gently took Louis' chin and turned his head Louis' eyes were closed and his mouth was in a straight line. Harry was laying on his side looking over at Louis and then he rolled onto his back and coughed clutching his stomach
"I'll go get you some water" I said and walked out of the room
I walked out and passed Liam
"Harry needs some water go watch them" I said Liam nods and hurried in the direction of their rooms
I got Harry a cup with a lid and a straw to make it easier for him to drink I brought it back and put his bed up so he was sitting up I handed him the water and he drank. I opened up my phone and went onto twitter I went onto my secret fan page acting like a fan when I saw all these posts

@OneDirectioner11: Harry & Louis are in the hospital! Everyone drop what your doing go on a London hospital search! We have to find our babies!

@SanDiegoLuvs1D: @OneDirectioner11 they are in the hospital due to self harm, why did they cut them selves?! #PrayForHazAndLou :'(

@ILiveInLondon1D: Self Harm?! My poor babies! We have to help them! OMG IM CRYING! #PrayForHazAndLou

@TheWanted1D: oh my god! This can't be happening my life is over, I'm going to do self harm! By guys! #PrayForHazAndLou

I quickly logged onto my real account and tweeted her

@NiallOffical: @TheWanted1D No please don't! The boys are doing good just please don't hurt your self!!! xoxo

@TheWanted1D: @NiallOffical OMG you actually tweeted me! I promise I won't thank you for making my life Niall Horan! <3

I went onto her profile and followed her and locked my phone

"Niall can you put my bed down I wanna sleep" Harry asked gently
"Yeah" I said I pressed the button and Harry was being lowered when he was laid all the way down I pulled his blanket up and made sure he was warn then I walked over to Louis I did the same for him pulling up his blankets it was really cold in the room I walked out into the hall
"Do you guy have thicker blankets?" I asked
"Um I can see if I can get you one" the same nurse that moved Louis said
"That would be amazing thank you" I said she walked down the hall I walked back into the room the steady beeps of Louis and Harry's heart monitors and he beeps of their IVs. The nurse returned and handed me soft white converter type blankets I smiled to her
"Thank you" I said she nodded I walked over to Harry and put his on him
"Thanks Ni" he says quietly
"Yeah" I said I walked over to Louis and put his blanket on him I walk ver to the chair beside Harrys bed and sit resting my elbows on Harry's bed I opened up an app I got with fan fictions on it and just started to read them.

-Zayn's POV-

Perrie was in Tommy's room getting him to sleep I went into the room she was smiling down at Tommy I walked up and slipped my arm around her and kissed her head Tommy's eyes slowly closed and Perrie turned on his fish night light and smiled at me and took my hand and led me out of Tommy's room we were walking down the hall when she said to me
"I want one" she said I chuckled
"Ones enough" I said
"I just want us to be a family Zayn" she said smiling and kissing my nose
"I love you" she said
"I love you too" I said
"Now I'm tired so I'm going to go to sleep" I said
"Ok let me get the monitor" she said I sighed quietly ths being woke up at like 3 was killing me I could never have a kid, even though I practically do.
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