Look After You ~Squeal to Taken~

Eleanor is gone, Louis hates to admit it now he is left with their new born baby boy Tommy. Louis has always dreamed about having a son with Eleanor, once the dream came true Eleanor died causing it to turn into a nightmare Louis hardly ever comes out of his room but when he does and Tommy tries to get close Louis gets un comfortable everytime blaming Tommy for the death of Eleanor.
Will he ever accept the fact that he needs to be a father?

Read Taken first you'll get it a lot more.


12. Something's Gotta Get Loud

-Niall's POV-

Louis was immediately taken over by a fit of coughs and hacks as he clutched his stomach and his mouth
"Niall" Harry said I turned and he threw me his water bottle but it was empty I swore at myself for not going and getting a refill Louis is trying to say something inbetween his coughs
"I'm not dead yet, don't let them think I am" that's what I can make out I nod
"I won't" I said he coughs a few mores times before laying still and his eyes close I feel a tear roll down my cheek
"I'm not dead yet, don't let them think I am" his words echo in my mind I wipe the tears away.


Everyone had gone home, I was sitting beside Harry he looked at me
"Do you think he'll be ok?" He asks me
"I think he's strong enough to pull through" I said
"That doesn't answer my question" he said
"I know" I said we were silent for a few minutes, he tapped the new space made beside him I hesitated but then climbed on beside him. We talked or a few minutes when I heard soft snores coming from him I to let my eyelids fall.


"Niall wake up" I slowly open my eyes to see the nurse, Stacy.
"What's wrong?" I asked
"Harry gets to have his bath today" she said
"You bathe him?" I asked
"Well with his permission" she said
"Is he... You know Naked?" I asked
"No, he has to wear boxers" she said I nodded
"Let me wake him up" I said I turned towards him
"Harry, wake up" I said he didn't react just a slight groan came from him
"Harry wake up" I said Harry turned and cuddled into my chest his curls tickling my chest through my shirt I smile
"Haz time to wake up" I said shaking him lightly his eyes slowly flutter open his long eyelashes tickling my chest.
"What happened?" He asked
"It's bath time" I said he smirked and looked Stacy over a hint of pink was on her cheeks she looked at Louis
"Is he up it a bath?" He asked
"Maybe later" I said seeing Harry frown
"He always likes to have baths before bedtime..." Harry said
"Well Harry we have to take you down to the room" Stacy says Harry turns around
"Are you coming?" His innocent eyes were gazing into mine I looked back at Louis
"Hey what's going on?" It was Zayn I smiled at him
"Perfect timing Malik" I said
"Can you watch Louis?" I asked he nodded
"Where are you going?" Zayn asked glancing down at Harry who is sitting up
"We're goi g so Harry can have a bath" I said Zayn slightly smirks after looking at Stacy
"Ok yeah I got Louis" he says
"Ok see you soon Zayn" I say I help Stacy wheel Harry down the hall she taook his IV out back in the room so we don't have to lug around that machine.
We get to the room and Stacy runs the bath. It's a regular bath a pretty big one with jets and heated bottom and a cushion around the side so Harry could put his head back the bath fills up in no time and Harry is getting in I sit at his head, he sets it down on the cushion Stacy washes his legs and his arms she starts to wash his chest
"You really do have four nipples" she said Harry smiles I'm guessing he's to weak to laugh.
She goes don to his abs and he smirks up at me
"Stop" I mouth to him he winks at me
"Ok now for the hair" she says
She takes a bowl and fills it with water she gets Harry to move into the middle and put his head back she dumps the water on his hair soaking it his curls flatten she puts shampoo in it and starts to massage his scalp bubbles forming I his hair he smirks, there's nothing Harry loves more then when people play with his hair other than being kissed below his ear.
She rinses out his hair and sets out a mat he gets out and sits on the mat he's to weak to stand.
I dry him off and help him back into a clean gown and help him back onto his bed with new bed sheets I tuck him in as he sits up. Stacy answers her Walkie talkie and smiles at us looking to contain telling us something.
We wheel Harry back down the hall and open the door we wheel him in and we see Louis... Sat up with legs crossed talking to Zayn they look over at us Harry and Louis make eye contact, Louis broke it off looking down.
"Your up" I said he nods I look back Harry's getting hooked up again talking to Stacy
"Ready for your bath?" I ask
"A bath?" Louis' low barely audible voice says
"Yeah, Harry just had one me or Zayn can go with you" I said
"Can you come with me I've had a chance to catch up with Zayn" he pauses to cough a few times "I would like to catch up with you" he says I nod Zayn smiles and heads over to Harry Stacy walks over
"I believe we haven't met my name is Stacy" she says sticking out her hand
"Louis Tomlinson" Louis says gently taking her hand
"Hey Stacy do you need help?" I girl with wavy blond locks says as she walks in wearing a purple scrub she starts to tie her long hair up in a high pony tail a couple strands falling out her green eyes were amazing she looked to be about 19.
"Just about to bathe him I guess I could use some help" she said Louis' ocean eyes trail up to the nurse's
"Hi I'm Sydney" she says smiling and sticking out her hand
"Louis Tomlinson" Louis says she smiles and nods, they take out his IVs and we walk down the hall to another bath room Stacy asks me to change Louis' sheets and I do and I come back when they're doing his hair
"Niall can you grab a gown?" Stacy asked I nod and walk out of the room I go back into the laundry room and grab a clean gown. I walk back in and their drying Louis' hair with a towel as he sits on the mat I hand them the gown and they put it on him we help him get back to his bed. It's about 10 o'clock when we get back Harry is sleeping and Zayn is out beside him I sit beside Louis as I feel like I'm going to fall asleep
"Niall." Louis says waking me up again
"Yeah?" I said
"Don't fall asleep on me" he said
"Aren't you tired?" I asked
"I've had enough sleep to last a few weeks" he said smiling slightly I smiled
"Yeah you've been sleeping for a bit..." I said
"I hope that doesn't happen again do you know what it's like?" He asked
"No whats it like?" I asked
"Cold darkness" he said
I swallowed hard
"That's what it was like?" I asked he nodded
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