Look After You ~Squeal to Taken~

Eleanor is gone, Louis hates to admit it now he is left with their new born baby boy Tommy. Louis has always dreamed about having a son with Eleanor, once the dream came true Eleanor died causing it to turn into a nightmare Louis hardly ever comes out of his room but when he does and Tommy tries to get close Louis gets un comfortable everytime blaming Tommy for the death of Eleanor.
Will he ever accept the fact that he needs to be a father?

Read Taken first you'll get it a lot more.


10. Raise My Flag

-Niall's POV-

I sat down between Louis and Harry's beds my chair against the wall, one of my knees hugged to my chest I look to my right and saw Louis laying on his side. His quiff has worn off and turned into his old swept to the side hair.
I looked to my left and saw Harry in deep sleep cuddling up to the teddy bear Perrie had got him it hugged to his chest as he laid on his side his curls bunching together on the pillow, the sippy cup Liam had got Danielle to buy and bring over was sitting in his bed side table Harry was under constant hydration it was pretty empty it only had enough water to cover the bottom of the bottle I looked them both over... Sound asleep I grabbed the bottle and left to the water machine.

-Harry's POV-

Woke up and my throat was dry I reached for my sippy cup and noticed it wasn't there, I turned completely around it wasn't there
"Niall where's my cup?" I asked I turned and saw his empty chair
"Niall?" I said maybe he was in the washroom.
"Niall?!" I called louder and coughed. but I was only answered with Louis' silence and his steady breathing
I threw my teddy bear at him
"Wake up" I said it stayed on the other side of him he didn't even move. I was angry, angry at the world I sat up wincing at the pain it caused and moved my machine around the side if my bed.
If he wasn't going to wake up by objects being thrown I will wake him up a different way.
I didn't have a plan except get to Louis' bed I saw the wheel chair beside my bed I moved it over I put my hands on the back of it and tried to get on. I did but in a very un comfortable position.
I wheeled close o Louis' bed pulling my machines along. I looked p if I reached I could touch Louis looked a my best friend ll the scars on his wrist and then the big one that caused him to be here I reached for him when I went into a coughing fit I fell back with a thud I yelped our in pain coughing
"Niall!" I yelled and that caused more coughs and pain I laid on my side the wheel chair had caused a loud sound hitting off Louis' bed I started to breath heavily coughs coming out if me.

-Niall's POV-

I was walking back from the water machine when I heard a crash followed by a yelling of my name I quickly run towards Harry and Louis' room I get in the door and I don't see Harry in his bed I keep walking into the room I see a wheelchair and then I see it Harry laying on the ground
"Harry!" I say kneeling beside him pulling his head onto my lap
"Niall?" He says
"What are you doing on the ground?" I ask him
"I tried to get to Louis" he says. I scoop him up
"Don't leave your bed you could get hurt like right now" I said he started to cough I took his sippy cup from my side and handed it to him he took it and started drinking. I sat him up in my lap I looked up at Louis and shook my head. I helped Harry up and got him back on his bed. I sat with my hands on his bed. I flt a hand on mine I look up and see Harry's hand on mine
"Go home Niall" he says
"No I can't leave you guys alone" I said
"Get Zayn and Perrie to come down." He says weakly
"I guessi could give him a call" I said he nodded
"But their taking care of Tommy" I said
"Call Liam and Danielle, you just need to get out if here this hospital is breaking you down being here taking care of me and Louis,that's not your job. None of this was your fault, go home get some rest have a relaxing bath or whatever you Irish people do have a pint" he says I smile he curves the corners of his mouth up. I hug him his curls tickling the side of my face
"I'll just be our in the hall ok?" I said he nodded I ditched and walked out I failed Zayn's number I looked at the clock in the hall it's about 1 in the morning
"Hello?" Zayn's tired voice comes through
"Hey I need you and Perrie to watch Haz and Lou" I said
"Why did you give up?" He asked
"No" I answer to quickly
"Harry told me to go home get some rest and have a pint" I said chuckling for what felt like forever
"Are we supposed to take Tommy there?" He asks
"Not yet, Louis isn't ready" I said
"Niall, Louis is asleep,not like some of us" he mumbles the last part
"He told me to ask Liam and Danielle" I said
"Ok, we won't leave till Liam and Danielle get here" he says.
"No I'll go there Harry wants me to leave to relax, I not know how he thinks I can though" I said nurses walked by looking at me with sorrow I leaned against the wall
"Ok we'll see you here then" Zayn says
"Yeah, thank you Zayn" I said
"Yeah, hey Niall?" He says
"Yeah?" I said
"Your an amazing friend" he says I nodded but hen remembered he couldn't see it
"Thanks" I said
We hung up and I walked back into the hospital room
"Can I trust you with a nurse to watch you if I leave till Zayn and Perrie get here?" I ask
"If she's fit" Harry says (Fit is a British term for hot)
"Aww Harold you never fail I'll try my best" I said hugging him slipping my jacke onto my shoulders
"Bye Niall" he says I look over at Louis
"It doesn't hurt to say goodbye" he says I walk up and hug Louis
"Good night Louis" I whispered and walked over to the door
"Hey Niall?" Harry says
"Yeah?" I said
"They hung up y sweater can you get my phone our of the pocket I wanna ,et the fans know I'm doing ok." He says
"But you sound horrible" I said
"Doesn't hurt to lie a little bit" he says I nod and walk over and get his new white iPhone 5 out of his pocket and hand it to him
"Can I have Louis'?" He asked I check the jacket louis had left here when he came o visit before he... Did this to himself his phone was there too I took it put and the lock screen was him and Eleanor. I but my lip and handed it to Harry and left.

-Zayn's POV-

"Come on Perrie time to get up" I said she groaned
"We gotta go watch Harry and Louis for Niall Harry told him to go home and relax and call us" I said she nodded
"Ok just give me a second to wake up"
"Ok" I said I went into my closet and got out a pair of black jeans white converse and a white tshirt with a denim jacket I rolled up the sleeves and walked out and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth I peeked out the open door and Perrie still was in bed I took one of the decorative pillows that were leaning against the wall and threw it at her
"Get up Edwards!" I yell she just puts a pillow over her head a turn on some music she just flips me off I just chuckle and turn off the tap I go and take the pillow off her head and she turns away from me
"If I have a baby with you will you get up?" I said she sat up
"Pinky promise?" She asks
"No" I said she pushed me I smiled I took her face in my hands and kissed her
"Oh minty" she said
"That's Colgate for you" I said getting up
"No cuddle with me" she said pulling on my arm I smiled
"I love you Perrie but no time to get up" I said I walked into the closet and got some of Pierrie's black jack wills track pants and her favorite Beatles shirt and some toms and a sweater I walked out and plopped it on her lap. She sighed
"No panties or bra?" She asked
" I didn't know witch ones to pick" I said
"Any" she says
"Even the naughty ones" I said with a teasing wink she smiled and shook her head and got up, I clapped my hands
"Why are you clapping?" He asked
"Your finally up" I said
"Shut up Malik" she says and hits me with the toms and going into the closet
" I'm going to go check on Tommy" I said
"Ok" she said I went into Tommy's room he was sleeping I smelt his um incase he needed to be changed I made Perrie do that stuff I don't do... Poop. He was good no changing needed. I walked out and back into the room the bathroom light was on I walked in Perrie had her hair up in a messy bun and was bushing her teeth, no make up on, in my eyes I loved her eh out make up more than anything. But he way she dies her make up makes her look beautiful to, I'd have her either way.
She finished brushing her teeth and applied mascara and other make up items I can't name and then he grabbed a duffle bag she had on the counter
"Is Niall here?" She asked
"No not ye-"
"Hello?" Niall's voice said coming up the stairs
"In here" I said Perrie rested the bag on her fore arm and took my hand
"Thanks it doing this guys" he says
"Their our fiends too." I said smiling Niall hugs me
"Bye" he says as we leave
"Bye" we walk out side and get in my car a d drive towards the hospital
"What's in the duffle?" I ask
"A little surprise for Harry" she says she opens it up and sticks something in it and smiles at me nervously,
"Ok then" I said.
We arrived at the hospital and went right up to Harry and Louis' room Harry was playing games on his phone laying down Louis' phone beside him on the bedside table I know from the big stitch case on it
"What's in the bag?" He asks Perrie as she put it on the bed
"Well I thought you might want a visit from your furry friend" she says and opens the bag and Harry's cat Dusty's his head pops out
"Dusty" Harry says Dusty jumps out of the bag and goes bad lays in Harry's arms pouring like mad.
Harry's scratches behind his ears
"How's he doing?' Perrie asks looking over at Louis
"Still haven't woken up they think he might be in some type of coma." Harry says letting Dusty
"Coma really?" Perrie asked walking over and stroking Louis' hair
"Yeah, they said I was lucky but then again Louis cut in a major blood access area so.." Harry says
"Yeah..." We say Pierrie sits beside Louis and lays her head down on his side hugging him
"Wake up Louis please" she whispers and then pecks his cheek I sigh and look down and shake my head. I prayed to god
"Please don't let this baby become an orphan"

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