Look After You ~Squeal to Taken~

Eleanor is gone, Louis hates to admit it now he is left with their new born baby boy Tommy. Louis has always dreamed about having a son with Eleanor, once the dream came true Eleanor died causing it to turn into a nightmare Louis hardly ever comes out of his room but when he does and Tommy tries to get close Louis gets un comfortable everytime blaming Tommy for the death of Eleanor.
Will he ever accept the fact that he needs to be a father?

Read Taken first you'll get it a lot more.


11. Pull Him Out

-Niall's POV-

I was laying in bed just closing my eyes my second day with out visiting Louis or Harry.
My phone started blasting Bad Moon Rising by Creedence ClearWater Rivals one of Louis' favorite songs he had set on my phone. I reached my hand out and grabbed it and put it to my ear
"Hello?" I asked
"Niall guess what?!" It was Perrie's voice says through the speaker
"What?" I asked
"I wanna tell you in person get down to the hospital. Hurry up" she says
"Where's Zayn?" I asked
"He's here just come on hurry!" She says
"I'm on my way" I said I hung up and jumped out of my bed I was in a rush and my rushed clumsy self tripped over my shoe I slammed to the ground I groaned and got up and went into my closet I grabbed some black skinny jeans and pulled them down so I was low riding and put on a grey tshirt and went out into my room and grabbed one of the black supras and grabbed the matching one that I tripped over I quickly went into my bathroom and quiffed my hair quickly and brushed my teeth I rushed out my door grabbing a black cardigan and put it on rushing out of my house grabbing my keys I skipped the steps from my porch I unlocked my mustang and slid in the seat I started the engine and sped out of my section feeling bad for my neighbors.


I reached the hospital, I slammed my car door locking it I shoved them in my pocket and started to quickly walk I reached the curb a couple cars went by
"Niall!" My name was being called I looked down at the car
"Yes?" I said a young women dressed in a scrub smiled at me
"Back already?" She said
"Yeah I'm in a hurry I have to go...?" I said questioning her name
"Your pretty young to be a nurse" I said she smiled
"Thanks I guess" she said
"I gotta go see you later" I said I ran across the road stained with water as it started to rain.
I made it in and saw Perrie she ran Up and grabbed my hand she pulled me too the stairs door
"What's wrong with the elevator?" I asked
"It's out if order" she said we ran up the flights of stairs I opened the door or her
"Such s sweet boy" she said as we rushed over to their room when I walked into the room everyone was in there,
Liam, Danielle, Zayn, Perrie.
"Wait if you guys are here who's with Tommy?" I asked
"Johanna and Anne" Liam says
"Ok, what's this about?" I asked
"They're gonna pull him out" Liam says meaning Louis, I go over o Harry's side looking pale and tired
"You look like shit" I said as I hugged him
"You look like a prince" he says we chuckle he drinks his water a nurse comes in trailing a doctor we stand at the foot of Louis' bed they start doing things to Louis, when they walk out shaking their heads
"I'm sorry" they apologize we sadly nod and surround Louis he was laid on his back for the pulling out. I look down when I hear heavy breathing coming from him
We stay dead silent.
Louis' body shoots up with a loud gasp
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