Look After You ~Squeal to Taken~

Eleanor is gone, Louis hates to admit it now he is left with their new born baby boy Tommy. Louis has always dreamed about having a son with Eleanor, once the dream came true Eleanor died causing it to turn into a nightmare Louis hardly ever comes out of his room but when he does and Tommy tries to get close Louis gets un comfortable everytime blaming Tommy for the death of Eleanor.
Will he ever accept the fact that he needs to be a father?

Read Taken first you'll get it a lot more.


14. Lion King

-Niall's POV-

I walk into Harry's room with a bowl of soup
"Hey Hazza, time to eat" I said he sits up and I set the tray down in his lap and he sips the soup
"Thanks Niall" he said I nodded
'"How's Louis this morning?" He asked
"He's good I guess Liam is with him right now" I said putting my hands in my pockets
"That's good..." He says Tommy starts to cry I look at Harry
"Go" he said I nodded and went out of the room and walked into the room.
"Holy Shit!" I yell
"What is it Niall?!" Liam asked running out of Louis' room
"I swear I just saw Eleanor" I whispered not wanting Louis to hear it
"You need some sleep Niall you've been on your feet for days" Liam says patting my back
"No Liam I swear I did" I said
"Go rest Niall" he said I sighed and walked down to my room I know what I saw.

-Liam's POV-

I walk up to Tommy's crib and cradle him rocking him in my arms as I put the bottle to his lips.
I put Tommy back in his crib I shut the door as I walked out of his room I walked back in my room and saw Dani walking into the closet with just a towel wrapped around her
"Hey babe" I said she smiled I kissed her lips gently
"I'll be right back don't to anywhere you stud" she said I laughed she walked into the closet I walked around to my side of the bed and heard my name being whispered I looked up and saw Eleanor she put her hands on my shoulders
"Don't do this" she said
"Down what?" I asked
She couldn't answer when Danielle came out of the closet wearing her Batman undies and one of my shirts
"Comfy day?" She asked
"I was thinking the same thing just let me change" I said brushing past her changing into my Batman PJ pants and I didn't bother putting a other shirt on, I walked out
"I got Lion King ready" she said
"You know me so well" I said
"You got that right" she said as she snuggled into my chest.
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