Look After You ~Squeal to Taken~

Eleanor is gone, Louis hates to admit it now he is left with their new born baby boy Tommy. Louis has always dreamed about having a son with Eleanor, once the dream came true Eleanor died causing it to turn into a nightmare Louis hardly ever comes out of his room but when he does and Tommy tries to get close Louis gets un comfortable everytime blaming Tommy for the death of Eleanor.
Will he ever accept the fact that he needs to be a father?

Read Taken first you'll get it a lot more.


17. Hangover

-Harry's POV-

I flip the eggs with the spatula, I stick a piece of bacon between my teeth and chew. The other boys are watching TV while I make breakfast.
Groans drag my attention to the doorway Louis shuffles in without a shirt on he grabs a mug off the hook
"Morning" I said he didnt even a acknowledge me.
He walked towards the kettle he opened up the cupboard and the box of Yorkshire tea bags fell onto the floor Louis gave them a powerful kick and walked away leaving the mess
"Um.. Louis" I said he looked over and saw my tea he walked over and took it walking out of the room still not even acknowledging my presence
"Sure you can have my tea" I muttered I turned back around Louis came shuffling back in and walked behind me he took the big plate of pancakes
"Um Louis" I said as he shuffled over to the island sitting on on of the stools sipping my tea and ripping a piece of the pancake off
"Lou those are for breakfast" I said walking forwards and reaching for the plate he moved it away from my reach grunting
I sighed
"Fine. Have my pancakes AND my tea." I said walking away and flipping the eggs
Louis started humming "I knew you were trouble" by...You know who...
I turned around he didnt acknowledge me again.
"Can you please stop humming?" I asked he started to him louder I clenched my teeth and turned around it turned from humming to singing.
"A new notch on your belt that's all ill ever be" he sang
"Louis can you please sto-" I was cut off by him throwing a pancake at my face. It hits my face dropping to the ground he stared at me straight faced I stared back. I picked up the pancake and walked over and held it in my hand flat I grabbed the syrup and poured it on and smirked at Louis
"Consider this your alarm clock" I said and smushed the pancake all over Louis' face he whined under me he got up of the stool he picked up the syrup and dumped it all over the pancakes and grabbed two and held them in his hands and opened his hands wide and slapped them in either sides of my head. I gasped feeling my syrup soaked curls.
He smirked at me I grabbed the syrup bottle and poured some in my hands and smeared it all over Louis' chest he looked at me and looked over at the counter he took a handful of flour in his hands and threw it at my I squinted my eyes and blew the flour out of my mouth.
I walked towards the flour bag and took two handfuls and threw it at Louis it stuck to is chest and hair. He took the plate covered in syrup and subbed to all over me, I took off my shirt smirking that when he took the kid off of the bottle of syrup and shook it at me covering my in syrup. I gasped at the sticky feeling,
I looked up to see Louis. He took the whole flour bag in his hands
"Louis no!" I yelled but he threw it all on me the dust falling I was covered head to toe back to ankles in flour. I took as much as I could of the floor firing at Louis he tackled me to the ground pinning me down he grabbed a pancake and held it above my face I heard the door open
"Enough!" Liam's father like voice shouted The room got silent awkwardly silent but then Louis dropped the pancake it landed on my face a plop sound filling the air I peeled it off my face and threw it off to the side.
"What the hell?!" Liam said he stepped down his slippers sticking to the floor
"What... The... Hell?" He asked again.
"Sorry Liam" I said Zayn and Niall poked their heads in
"What the fuck?" Niall asked
"Well this escalated quickly" Zayn says
"Ha and guess what?" Louis asked sounding drunk I looked back at him he was still straddling my lap
"What?" I asked he got wobbly he pointed to me
"You" he said he sprawled out his arms
"Are cleaning this all up" he said giggling drunkly he tipped over off my lap. He fainted. well past out.
Liam looked from Louis to me.
"Get cleaned up and come back down and clean this up ok?" He said I sat up
"Why does it have to be me?!" I asked
"Because our the only sober one, it's fun to have a food fight until you have to clean it up" he said he turned and walked away
"It's fun to have a food fight until you have to clean it up" I mocked him in a high voice scrunching up my face. I stood up dragging Louis down the hall leaving a flour trail.
"Pick him up Harry, I'll mop and vacuum your foot prints later." He said I rolled my eyes and picked up Louis putting him over my shoulder.
I walked up the stairs towards the bathroom I opened up the door to Louis' shower and sat him against the tile wall leaving him in his pants.
I turned on the facete and let the warm water pour down on Louis washing away the left overs of the fight. I closed the door and held it shut Louis woke up and tried to pull the door open he started to freak out and whine
"Let me out! Let me out! I'm going to drown!" He screamed banging on the glass
"It's just a shower Louis..." I said it was silent
"Oh... Right." He said I still held the door in case he tried something... Soon I pair of soaking wet track pants flew out over the top of the shower followed by boxers
"Hey Harry" Louis said knocking on the glass the fog and steam of the shower hiding our faces from one another.
"Hey, hey Harry" Louis said again knocking on the glass
"God what?" I asked
"I'm naked" he said I sighed
"Good for you Louis" I said
"Wanna join me cause were freaky like that?" He said
"No" I said
"Puuuleeeeaasseee!" He begged
"No" I said
"Come on I'm lonely" he said I felt warmth on the other Sid elf the glass it was his hand
"If you love me you'll out your hand on mine" he said I didn't put my hand there I out my foot on it
"Fine suit yourself, but when your all horny and desperate think about this moment and do you know what you'll say?" He asked
"Are you done yet?" I asked
"You'll say.... Damn I wish I would have gotten into that shower with Louis." He said
"I would not say that, never in my life time" I said
"Your only lying to yourself" he said giggling I sighed he kept the water going he tried the door
"Are you going to let me out or you just going to sit there with your hand up your ass?" He asked I grabbed him a towel and opened the door handing him the towel keeping my eyes away from his area
"Go get dressed" I said as he started to walk out
"Yes master" he said walking out I sighed and walked into the shower taking off my now soaked clothes I let the flour rinse out of them and hung them in the railing, I let the water rinse the flour off my body and I wet my hair putting shampoo in it washing it out I was just rinsing my hair when the shower door flew open and Louis came in getting his clothes wet. H had changed into blue chinos a black top and blue suspenders and black keds he was soaked now.
"Louis what the hell?" I asked pulling my basket ball shorts back on.
"Relax Harry I've seen you naked before" he said with a slurry giggle how long was this going to last?
"What are you doing?" I asked he brushed his soaked hair out Of his face
"Hiding from Liam" he whispers
"What are you talking about Liam wants ME to clean it up not you" I said Louis punched my shoulder
"But were a team remember? Team Stylinson. Now hurry up and shower that body of yours" he said slapping my luckily clothed bum I flinched as he giggled and got out of the shower I finished up and got out wrapping a towel around my face I walked out and saw Louis standing of dont of the area fan,
"Um what are you doing?" I asked
"Drying my clothes" he said acting smart I rolled my eyes and kept walking down to my room I picked out black jeans and a grey v-neck paired with my classic white chucks
I walked back into Louis' room. He came out wearing red chinos and his sun kissed chest exposed as he carried his new white shirt over
"What the fan didnt work?" I asked Louis sighed
"Nope" he said sounding pretty sober to me
"Are you sober?" I asked
"Yep, wish I wasn't though." He said
"Louis your nuts when your drunk" I said he shrugged
"What can you do?" He asked I chuckled he pulled his shirt over his torso
"Ready to go pick up the mess?" He asked
"Ready as I'll ever be" I said he chuckled as we walked out of his room.
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