one direction imagines

okay if you want a one direction imagine in the begining of the book read to find out how to get one


4. darcey an niall


darceys pov

u have been dating niall for 3 years now ,  all is well when one day u woke up an niall wasnt there, he was always there. u got up thinking he may have went to the bathroom ..  an nobody was in there. u go to the kitchen ...nobody . u get worried an have no clue , u start to cry at the kitchen table . liam comes down an asks u whats wrong . "niall left me " u say sadly trying to hold back the tears . " he didnt leave u he just...well...idk" liam said looking suspicious . it was now 4 pm .u were sitting on the couch u had been crying all day. harry came down looking guilty an said to get dressed, u followed what he said not even thinking about it . when u got down harry louis liam an zayn piled into the car with u. perri , dani, an eleanor got in back with u ( 3 row car) . u asked were we were going , but nobody answered . u got out an u saw a beautiful pond  an a bridge too candles on lillypads an .....NIALL ! u almost screamed his name as u ran towards him . he hugged u while twirling u around . he apoligised but he had to leave to have this made an done up for u .after the boys served u two an u ate , niall took u by the lake . he got on one knee an pulled out A BOX !!!  u gasped , " darcey ____ _____ ,  i will take care of you for the rest of my life an never let you down i will treat you with care when ur sick , i will never cheat  nor lie , your my life , i dont think i could live without u , Will you Marry Me?" niall qestioned waiting for an answer. u were speechless tears came down ur face thinking why would i belive he would leave me?! u suddenly snapped back to reality an said "YESS!!!!" 


Well there u go an amazing happy ending but wait theres more ....

u an niall werw happily married an had children soon all of the boys were married but still did the band NOW how happy is that????




hope u enjoyed !!!! i really love making stories I AM SOOO SORRY i only did a few man i have 20 fanfictions to make A LOT of work!!! sorry soo sorry  i will try an make more

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