one direction imagines

okay if you want a one direction imagine in the begining of the book read to find out how to get one


3. crystal an niall

                   crystals pov

you were dating niall for about 4 months now an your best friend louis you call him lou/loui you  were hanging out one day an loui was looking down an up at you a lot. niall finally said " louis tomlinson dont u even try it" an loui just said im sorry an left the room ... you felt bad but i had no clue what was going on. you asked niall he just said nothings wrong an started to cuddle you.

-later on -

you went into loui's room he wasnt in their but you found a photo sticking out of a box under his sheets it was photos of him an you!  an u wondered why he still had these u heard a door open u quick hid in his room . u saw feet walking around it was nialls shoes! then came in louis with his blue pants on they started to talk .... about u!" please stay away from her she doesnt like u louis ". niall mumbled " ill try but excuse me if i cant help it ". louis shouted u wondered what about u they were talking about then louis said " i love her an u cant stop my feelings i know shes urs but i can love her too"! " fine but keep it to urself"! niall annunced  angerliy .

finally u heard louis run out to the bathroom crying u feel horrible but u love niall u go after him an u open the door an say louis i love u too!  but like a brother ur the best brother i ever had i dont want to ruin that he nodded sadly an noticed better to be in ur life then not at all an niall came in u hugged both of them an saod " can we all get along?" they nodded u smiled





the end hope u enjoyed

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