one direction imagines

okay if you want a one direction imagine in the begining of the book read to find out how to get one


2. cristina an liam

                                            cristina's  p.o.v


i was hanging with my best friends an  they were drooling over these boys " one direction" they were spending the night it was the longest night of my life i didnt really like them .in the morning after the girls left i dicided to go on a walk aroung my neighbor hood when i got out it was really sunny an nice when i got a call i answered it , it was my friend she needed me to come over .i started heading over when i stumbled an fell to the floor when i looked up from the ground there was a boy holding his hand out for me i grabbed it  .   i apoligised an said " sorry im cristina and u are"? "liam i am liam payne nice to meet u cristina "! an with that he walked off leaving his wallet behind which had his lisence in it... u ran after him , he walked into his home . it was huge gold an had one direction on it .... u thought no way i just met him...


to be continued.....

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