Forever Alone....

(Justin Bieber fanfic just saying!) A bullied girl named Maddie, has just moved schools and goes by the name of "ugly, fat, new girl" Maddie really wasn't fat or ugly. She was a belieber... Maybe that's another reason why she was bullied, because no one else liked Justin Bieber at that school. Who knows?Maddie was the prettiest, smartest, kindest, and most popular girl at her old school. (thats not because all the other people were losers) Being the new girl sucks! But when she bumps into someone at the mall, will the bulling end? Will she finally be loved by someone again?


10. What do you want to do?

Justin's P.O.V.

I got out of the shower and noticed that Maddie still wasn't back from the store. I dialed her number. "Hey, babe" She said answering the phone. "Baby, what are you doing is everything okay?" I asked "Ya, I'm on my way home now, I will explain to you when I get home." "Bye baby" She hung up the phone as I waited. I poured myself a glass of orange juice, and I herd the keys in the door. Maddie came through the door, and threw an empyt box on the table and went to the bathroom. I walked over to the table and looked at the box. I looked at it and my eyes were drawn to the words "First response, pregnancy test" "Maddie, what is going on?" I asked, my voice cracking. "Okay..." She said walking out of the bathroom putting the pregnancy test on the table. "Well I was suppossed to get my period today and I didn't I'm never late! I called my mom and she asked if its possible, I said I wasn't sure then I went to the store. Now we just have to wait." She said calmly. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my lips to hers. "Whatever that pregnancy test says I will stay by your side no matter what, I love you! Everything is going to be okay." I said to her. Tears started to flow down her cheeks. We sat there in silence just the sound of Maddie's sobs every minute or so. I kissed her hair and then her cheek. I lifted her chin up and pressed my lips to hers to stop her from crying. I did truly love her but I didn't know what we were going to do. We were going to be together forever. I want to marry her, but now isn't the time. Or is it? If we do end up keeping this baby, we should get married, but right away, before or after? This is too much to think about! I didn't buy her ring yet but I have been looking at them. I'm 18 shes 17, we can get married. I love her I don't want to loose her. "Maddie what do you want to do?" I asked her, her answer will determine my answer I think. She swallowed her tears and looked into my eyes, then we both looked at the table where the little pregnancy stick was, and there it was my life changing answer.

Maddie's P.O.V.

There it was that little tiny pink positive sign. How could I destroy a little life that Justin the only person I will ever love, and me made. I couldn't, I just couldn't do it! I looked into Justin's brown eyes, went on my tippie-toes to press my lips to his. "I want to keep this baby, I can't destroy the little life we made together. If you disagree with my choice then I won't have the baby, because your my baby and I don't want to loose you, but I honestly can't destroy something we made." I said pulling away as my eyes fill with tears once again. "What do you want to do?" I asked him fighting my tears. He didn't say anything, he took his arms from around my waste and went into the bedroom. I shrugged and took a deep breathe, maybe he just needs some time alone to think. I grabbed myself a glass of water and cleaned my face up, wiping my tears away. Justin came back out of the bedroom. I smiled at him happy he was back with me. He walked over to me, and pressed his lips to mine. I could feel something in his pocket weirdly shaped. He pulled away and spun around on his heels, I herd some cracking that sounded like when you open a bag of chips, he is eating chips at a time like this. I laughed quietly, but when he spun back around to face me. He had no chips in his hand. But then, I gasped as he got down on one knee infront of me, my tears streaming down my face on the floor. Oh my gosh. "Maddie Victoria Macerey, I want to spend every minute and every second of everyday with you for the rest of my life. I want to take care of this little mistake, like myself," He said winking. "But a wonderful mistake together, I don't want to leave your side, ever. Your choice of keeping this baby, has made my decision even easier. I love you Maddie. Will you marry me?" as he finished talking he took his arm from around his back and held a ring pop in-between his fingers. I couldn't help but laugh, smile, and cry at the same time.

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