Forever Alone....

(Justin Bieber fanfic just saying!) A bullied girl named Maddie, has just moved schools and goes by the name of "ugly, fat, new girl" Maddie really wasn't fat or ugly. She was a belieber... Maybe that's another reason why she was bullied, because no one else liked Justin Bieber at that school. Who knows?Maddie was the prettiest, smartest, kindest, and most popular girl at her old school. (thats not because all the other people were losers) Being the new girl sucks! But when she bumps into someone at the mall, will the bulling end? Will she finally be loved by someone again?


2. School Sucks!

Maddie's P.O.V.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock, its Justin Bieber's song "As long as you love me." I smile, yawn, and stretch. I walk over to my dresser, and put my uniform on. Added a little bit of mascara, and put my hair up in a high pony-tail.  I walked up-stairs (because my bed room is in the base-ment) and went to make myself some breakfeast, even though I wasn't really hungry. I guess my mom, brother Jake, and sister Emily, were still sleeping. My dad had already left for work. I decided I needed somehting to eat. So I quickly made myself a smoothie. I grabbed my smoothie and the car keys, then walked out the door. I drove to school with my Believe CD blasting. But as I pulled into the school parking lot, I turned the radio down, and parked the car. As I got out of the car I herd laughing, and saw some people pointing and whispering to each other. I herd one girl say "The loser is here." Then they both laughed. I herd whispers all over, I just kept my head down and acted like it didn't bother me. But inside it hurt so much, it was very difficult not to cry, but I kept a smile on my face, and walked into the school. I went to my locker got my books out and headed to class.

~After School~

"What a great day!" I mumble to myself sarcasticly, as I'm walking back to my car. Once again I herd laughing and whispers, and saw pointing just like every other day. I got in my car, and quickly checked if Justin Bieber had tweeted anything. Of-course he did, he always does. So I quickly read his tweet. "In Canada today, visiting family" I smiled to myself happy that Justin was with his family. I live in Ontario, Canada about an hour away from Justin's hometown. Tomorrow is Saturday so maybe I could, go there, but my chances of actualy seeing him are 1/100000000. And he might be gone, so I will just chill at home, maybe go to the mall. I did need some new jeans and shoes, the shoes I have now are pretty crapy. I decided that was the plan, then started the car, and drove home. When I got out of the parking lot I once again blasted Believe and was singing the lyrics to each song. Finally the weekend,  another school day gone and closer to my graduation, so I can leave this school and rude people!


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