Forever Alone....

(Justin Bieber fanfic just saying!) A bullied girl named Maddie, has just moved schools and goes by the name of "ugly, fat, new girl" Maddie really wasn't fat or ugly. She was a belieber... Maybe that's another reason why she was bullied, because no one else liked Justin Bieber at that school. Who knows?Maddie was the prettiest, smartest, kindest, and most popular girl at her old school. (thats not because all the other people were losers) Being the new girl sucks! But when she bumps into someone at the mall, will the bulling end? Will she finally be loved by someone again?


7. My surprise and my secret

Justin's P.O.V

I woke up some sun sneaking through the curtains of the hotel room. I looked over Maddie head laying on my chest, still asleep, I kissed her fore-head and looked at the room. It was a mess! Our clothes thrown all over the place, some blankets and pillows on the table and on the floor. I smiled satisfied with everything that happened last night. Everything went just as planned with another surprise for myself. I looked at the clock it read 1:00 p.m. understandable Maddie and I were up til 3:00 a.m. last night! But such an amazing night. Maddie's eyes fluttered open, I pressed my lips to hers to wake her, she smiled when I pulled away. Eyes still closed she made a kiss face searching for my lips, I laughed and pressed my lips to hers once again. She put her fingers through my hair, then pulled away "Is this real life? Or am I still dreaming?" She asked her eyes still closed, I laughed "What do you think?" I asked pressing my lips to hers again. She nodded "Deffinatly still dreaming!" She said sarcasticly. I got upand gathered my clothes, as she plopped on the pillows I was laying on. "Hey, where did my pilliow go!?" She asked sadly. "I'm going to shower, would you like to join?" I asked teasingly. She laughed "I will beat you there!" She said limping past me into the shower, I ran after her.

Maddie's P.O.V.

After our shower, we got dressed and cleaned up the room, and packed our bags. We left the hotel to go back to my house. When we finally got to my house I asked "Justin leave the bags in the car, I want to show you something quickly" Its was a warm day for December in Canada. I quickly texted Emily to bring my guitar from my room, and the book under my pillow. I went to go get my things from Emily and Justin followed along with a curious face. I smiled at him and took his hand, leading him to my back yard that lead into a forest, where I liked to sing and be alone. I lead him in the forest to my favourite spot with 2 logs so we could sit. I sat him down, and placed my sheets on the ground. I started playing a song I wrote called "Baby I need you." It was my oringinal. When I finished the song, I started singing another one. But Justin took the guitar out of my hands and placed it gently on the stump he was sitting in the picked me up (bridal style) and sat me on his lap as he pressed his lips to mine. He pulled away "Maddie, why didn't you tell me you could sing th-that... beautifully!" He said smiling, I shrugged "I don't know, I was scared I wasn't good enough, but when you told me you loved me, it go me thinking and gave me the confidence to sing for you!" I said looking at his face smiling. I put my fingers through his and stood up, "Maddie, I love you, you are so kind, so funny, and you being beautiful just makes me lucky, that I found the perfect girl!" He said standing up beside me, he picked up my guitar, as I picked up my papers.I pressed my lips to his, and kept them there for a straight 2 minutes. I was so relieved that Justin finally knew my little secret. I smiled and we walked in hand in hand to my house. Justin went to go get my bags, as I brought my guitar and music in. Emily brought my stuff upstairs and I noticed Justin was still not inside I looked out the window and he was behind the car with my bags in his hands talking on his phone. I raised my eye brows and walked to go greet my family. That night Justin stayed for dinner, then 'secretly' stayed over night. I snuggled up to his bare chest and fell asleep easily.

I awake from a nightmare of more bullies, I log onto my facebook and see people making comments like "Good job Kyle, James, Mandy, and Britney! You  killed the loser!" or "Havn't seen the loser around herd she was in the hospital maybe she passed away! LOL!" I started to cry, and reached into my computer desk drawer and grabbed my small pocket knife and went into my bedroom bathroom, and cut my-self. I winced as I put the knife into my arm. More tears coming down my face, and I started to sob. I herd some movement in my bedroom, and wiped the tears from my eyes. Justin came walking in, my jaw dropped to the floor and so did his, I dropped the knife looking at my arm covered in blood as I sit in a puddle of my own blood. I see a tear drop from his eye onto the floor. "What are you doing!?" He exclaimed fighting back his tear and sobs. "I-I-I... I'm sorry." I said looking down at the floor ashamed! He held his breathe. "Why?" I stood up and dragged him to my computer and showed him. He read in silence tears falling down both our cheeks. He turned to face me and pressed his lips to mine. "I'm so sorry baby, you don't have listen to them, every word they say are lies! I love you, but I don't want to see this ever again" He said lifting my arm up. He brought me back to my bathroom and cleaned my arm up. "I'm sorry Justin, but I have been doing this since I moved to my new school, because I can't take the bullying and your music and my music were the only things that helped me pervent it. But when I woke up this morning and saw these horrible things being said about me... It just hurt... It hurt alot!" I said holding back my tears! He brushed his lips againest my cheek. "I'm sorry baby that this has to happen to you, but let's forget about those... horrible people, and live our lives the way we want to!" He said, I nodded and crashed my lips to his. I pulled away after a few minutes, he wiped my tears away, and we got dressed and went to eat breakfast "I have a surprise for you!" He said smiling "Another one?" He laughed as we walked down the stairs...

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