Forever Alone....

(Justin Bieber fanfic just saying!) A bullied girl named Maddie, has just moved schools and goes by the name of "ugly, fat, new girl" Maddie really wasn't fat or ugly. She was a belieber... Maybe that's another reason why she was bullied, because no one else liked Justin Bieber at that school. Who knows?Maddie was the prettiest, smartest, kindest, and most popular girl at her old school. (thats not because all the other people were losers) Being the new girl sucks! But when she bumps into someone at the mall, will the bulling end? Will she finally be loved by someone again?


8. Justin, really another surprise!

Maddie's P.O.V.

I just got my cast off and Justin has another surprise for me! Justin is taking me back to L.A. to stay at his house for awhile. He said that my surprise was there. I am so excited! Justin helped me pack my bags before he took me to meet his mom and grandparents in Stratford. I hugged my parents, sister, and brother since we probally wouldn't be back til Christmas. We drove to Justin's grandparents house and my hand strated to get sweaty in his hand. "Its going to be okay baby!" He said noticing my sweaty hand. I smiled "I know I'm just really scared!" He laughed "They are going to love you!" he said smiling, I nodded my head as we pulled into the drive-way "Holy crap!" I said, Justin laughed "Everything is going to be okay, lets go." He said opening his door. I got out and met him in front of the car and grabbed his hand as we walked to the door.

Justin's mom and grandparents were really nice and Pattie already considered me her daughter. Justin packed his things as I chatted with Pattie and looked at baby pictures of Justin! He was so cute as a baby! Justin came out embaressed, then hugged his mom and gave her a kiss. I hugged her too, and took Justin's hand  as we walked out the door. "See that wasn't as bad as you thought it was now was it?" Justin asked "It was perfect!" I said laughing, we got into the car and Justin drove to the airport, I think I fell asleep about an hour into the drive, but I was out.

I woke up in Justin's arms on the jet. Kenny was beside me, so I pretended like I was still asleep, but Justin saw and pressed his lips to mine, I smiled. "Shh, I look like crap are we almost there?" I whispered very quietly into his ear. He brushed his lips againest my cheek as I feel his breath on my neck I giggle, I'm so tickleish! "Ya, we should be landing soon. You're tickleish?" He asked since I was still laughing! I nodded my head and he started tickling me again! "JUSTIN STOP!!!" I yelled. "hello Maddie" Kenny said to me, I threw my hair up into a pony-tail "Hi Kenny" I said smiling. He noticed that I really didn't want to talk and didn't say anything else. I was so relieved. I snuggled close up to Justin and pressed my lips to his for awhile. When we got off the plane Justin drove me in his car Scooter got him for his birthday. He drove me to an unfamiliar house. "What about the bags?" I asked as we started walking to the door. "This isn't my house, this is Scooter's house!" He replied, oh no I knew exactly what he was doing! I groaned! "Justin, I hate sining infront of other people!" I said to him. "Trust me he will love your voice just as much as I do." He said pressing his lips to mine. We walked in and Scooter greeted us. We walked in and sat on the coach, Scooter got us some lemon water, and handed me a guitar. I had all my songs memorized, I was going to use the excuse that I don't have my music but Justin knew I had them memorized! I took a deep breathe and sang 2 songs. I waited for them to answer but they both just looked at me in awe. "Ugh..." I said then sang another song. Scooter stopped me in the middle of the song. "Okay Justin, we are definatly-" Scooter said "Shut-up Scooter!" JUstin interrupted! "Justin what is going on?" I asked Justin gave Scooter a dirty look. "well after you sang to me and I told him that I thought you were an amazing singer and since I'm going to be starting the believe tour again soon, I wanted you to come with me." Just explained. "Oh, Justin I would love to!" I said throwing my arms around his neck! "But Maddie I want you to sing with me on stage." Justin explained. My jaw legit dropped to the floor. "Really!?" I exclaimed he nodded his head smiling. I pressed me lips to his. "I would love to! I wouldn't want to do anything else!" I said pulling away. Another surprise from Justin that I loved! We left Scooter's and drove to Justin's house.

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