Forever Alone....

(Justin Bieber fanfic just saying!) A bullied girl named Maddie, has just moved schools and goes by the name of "ugly, fat, new girl" Maddie really wasn't fat or ugly. She was a belieber... Maybe that's another reason why she was bullied, because no one else liked Justin Bieber at that school. Who knows?Maddie was the prettiest, smartest, kindest, and most popular girl at her old school. (thats not because all the other people were losers) Being the new girl sucks! But when she bumps into someone at the mall, will the bulling end? Will she finally be loved by someone again?


12. It's time Maddie...

Justin's P.O.V.

I wake up with Maddie laying on-top of me, I lightly pick her up and put her beside me. I go take a quick shower. When I finished getting dressed and doing my hair, I arranged mine and Maddie's flights back to Canada to tell our parents all the news. When I finished I lay back beside Maddie and press my lips to hers. I watched as her eyes fluttered open, groaning at the brightness of the room. "Maddie, its time to wake up." I say shaking her slightly. She groaned again and sat up, and turned her body to face me. She made he adorable kissie face, begging for my lips. I laughed and quickly pecked her lips. I quickly pulled away with her clinging on to my neck. I lay on the bed, as she lays ontop of me. She opens her eyes "That wasn't very nice!" She said trapping me under her. "Oh, really, you havn't even seen my mean side yet!" I said winking she laughed "Oh sure, Justin how could you be any meanier to your future wife, by not giving her a proper kiss!" She said smacking me on the arm. I laughed at her weak hit. Then quickly turned it around so I was trapping her under me. Then I kissed her as passionatly as I could then pulled away after a few minutes "Happy?" I asked. She smiled "Very!" She replied breathlessly. I laughed and set her free. She got up and went in the shower I made some pancakes for Maddie and me. I herd the water stop running and knew Maddie would be out soon. I quickly put the pancakes on 2 plates and poured 2 glasses of orange juice, grabbed 2 forks and 2 knifes then went to the table. I sat and started eatting my pancakes, as Maddie walked into the dinning room. She looked so beautiful, she was wearing casual clothes, sweat-pants and my purple sweater, and had her hair pulled back in a pony tail with a matching purple lu-lu-lemon headband. I smiled as she took her seat. "We are going to Canada today, we are telling our parents today." I said to her swallowing my pancakes. "JUSTIN! Really today?" She asked whining. I nodded my head laughing. She made a pouting face and looked down at her pancakes. I put my hand on top of hers. "Everythings going to be okay baby, we have to tell them sooner or later. It will be okay." I said to her rubbing soothing circles in her hand. She looked up, fear on her face. I pressed my lips to hers very lightly, then was suddenly pulled almost into my plate but pulled away from Maddie so I wouldn't, she smiled. "See I'm almost as strong as you." She said smirking. "ALMOST!" I emphaized. I cleaned up the plates and we packed our bags and head to the jet. On the jet Maddie fell asleep like always. I was holding her in my lap, her body curled up and head snuggled up to my chest. I felt myself drifting off and decided I would take a quick nap. I was starting to get really nervous of what was going to happen when we told our parents, but its time... Then my eyes closed shut.


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