One Direction Imagines

Hey everybody Crystal here:)

This is a One Direction Imagine book. Were YOU get to have a 'love life' with the boys that you love:) The 1st chapter says ALL that you need to know:) ILY ALLxx Crystal


4. Zayn and Elizabeth

One day you and your boyfriend Zayn Malik from One Direction were chatting on the phone. It was currently 11:05pm. "Hey Bubbles, do you want to go to the movies with me and the boys tomorrow?" Bubbles was your little nickname. You thought it was a wonderful idea! you went to your event calendar to check nothing was on. Perfect! nothing was on at all. "Sure Zayn, so what movie would we be watching and who is coming?" You turn the television off and head to your room. You put your long straight brown hair down from the pony tail you had in you hair and you go into the bathroom and started to brush it. "The movie will be Wreck-It-Ralph and Eleanor, Louis, Danielle, Liam, Harry, Niall, Me, You  and Selma". You don't like Selma. Selma is Zayn's ex. and whenever you're with him she always gets flirty. "Why does SHE have to come?!?" you exclaim. You dislike the idea of Selma coming VERY much!. "I didn't want her to come either  but Harry did. We will keep a safe distance away alright" You sigh. You finally finish your hair and go into your bedroom. the time is now 11:14. You yawn. "I'll see you tomorrow Bubbles I'll pick you up at 9:30" Zayn says sounding a bit tired as well. "Alright Love you" you say while hopping into bed "I love you more" You turn your night light of "Hehe Good-night Zayn." "Night Bubbles"




You were ready at the time you got up at 6:30. You knew you must of been exited because you never woke up at that time of day. You hear Louis car honk and you run outside remembering to lock all doors. You were very careful about your house when you were out. "Hello everyone" You say trying to find a spot in the car. Selma wasn't there yet. "Were is Selma?" You ask Zayn  plopping next to him "She is riding there on her own" He says happily and relieved. You get to the movies 5 minutes later and Selma is waiting outside for 'Zayn' not for us. "Harry. Why did you invite Selma? You know she gets me on my nerves" You ask. He just looks at the ground "I like her okay!" Your shocked. You thought your relationship was more doomed more than ever. You try to tell Zayn but then Selma pushes you away and makes you really Pissed. So you push her too. But harder. Zayn takes your hand and runs into the movie theater whit you. You just get into the movie as fast as you can. You see Selma come in and she sits on Zayn's lap. "Come on! get your OWN man already!" you exclaim you've had enough of her crap. that's when she kissed Zayn. Anger went through your veins your eyes turn dark. You slap Selma across the face. Kids and parents were in there . "Excuse me but I'm afraid you have to leave." An Irish man said working for the cinema. It was Niall! you giggle softly. "You heard the man" Selma said to me "Sorry but I was talking to you." Niall said. You thank him while Selma gives you a dirty look and storms out of the theater. "I love you Elizabeth" Zayn kisses you "I love you too Zayn" You say into his mouth and you both smile. You enjoyed the movie and you never saw Selma again!


I hoped you liked it:)xx

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