One Direction Imagines

Hey everybody Crystal here:)

This is a One Direction Imagine book. Were YOU get to have a 'love life' with the boys that you love:) The 1st chapter says ALL that you need to know:) ILY ALLxx Crystal


3. Niall, Harry, Louis and Allissa

"I love you" Louis Tomlinson says to you as he takes your hand until Harry Styles pushes him out of the way "I love you more Allissa" Harry says as he try's to lean in to kiss you until Niall Horan moves him away "But... Allissa I love you the most" He says as he kisses you passionately. You wake up from the best dream you've had in years "Damn it!" you say upset you look at your clock. The time was 10:20 "ARGH" you moaned and walked down the stairs to see your roommate Zayn Malik "Morning breakfast is on the table if your hungry" he turns around to face you "Thanks" you say getting the pancakes. You ate it quickly you wanted to see Louis, Harry and Niall this morning. You wanted to be a couple with one of them "Woah... Why are you so bouncy this morning? it's not very like you!" Zayn asked laughing "NO I'M NOT I'M ALWAYS LIKE THIS" You yell from your bedroom.




You arrive to the boys house "H-Hello" They all say together they all have crushes on you. "Um.... Can I come in?" I giggle "Uh... Sure!" Louis says taking your hand. You smile at him and kiss him on the cheek. You do to sit on the couch and you see Harry there so you decide to sit on his lap instead. You wrap your hands around his neck and kiss him on the forehead. Then Niall sits beside You and Harry so you lay down so your head is on Niall and your body is on Harry. You lean up to Niall and kiss him on the lips! Niall is the guy you liked the most. Louis sits down near your feet so you lift them up and he goes underneath. Niall whispers something to Harry and Harry whispers something to Louis he nods then they all look at you  "What?" you ask "You'll see!" Niall says sitting you up and kissing you the comes in Harry then Louis! after 2 minutes of that you were breathless "Woah" you say "Uh Allissa..... Could I be your boyfriend?" "Sure Niall"

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