One Direction Imagines

Hey everybody Crystal here:)

This is a One Direction Imagine book. Were YOU get to have a 'love life' with the boys that you love:) The 1st chapter says ALL that you need to know:) ILY ALLxx Crystal


5. Louis and Kat

One day you were just scrolling through your twitter account. There was a new tweet from Louis Tomlinson it read. "Being a single man again." You were shocked and upset. You LOVED Elouanour. You were the first to comment. "@Louis_Tomlinson Sorry for the loss Boobear, I'm sure you are still buddies:) plus there are thousands of girls out there drooling over you! Lol:)xx" and with that you sent it. When you were going to change out of your pj's you realized Louis replied saying. "Yeah your right, you sound funny. Thanks for making me feel better love:)" You couldn't believe Louis Tomlinson just replied to your comment. And then you tried to get changed but AGAIN you got a notice saying 'Louis_Tomlinson in now following you' you could NOT believe that the Tommo Tomlinson was following you! But then when you thought it couldn't get any better Louis wrote. "@Directioner-Kat You seem really funny and can't stop talking (like me) and I would REALLY like to catch up sometime. Maybe even today!;)" You fangirled and Fangirled. You replied happily saying "@Louis_Tomlinson Sure:) we will meet at Melody Park at 2:43PM" You knew not to leave your seat because you knew that he would reply. "@Directioner-Kat Yeah sure get your-self ready I'll be waiting:)xx" And with that you got ready for the 'date'

1 hour later


You had a Blue floral dress on with Light blue pumps. Your hair was in a pony tail on the left side and you had a sparkly purse to finish it of with. You go to the fount door and skip outside. You see Louis and he sees you. "Your Kat right?" He says smiling "Sure am!" Louis goes in for the hug and pulls something out from behind his back. "These are for you" They were flowers! roses in fact! You took them gladly. "Thank-you! I love roses!" You kiss him on the cheek and he goes more red than the flowers. "A- Anytime Love" You giggle. He offers his hand and you take it gladly. You stare up at the stars both telling your life and secrets and giggling. "Hey Kat... I know we just met but" Louis sits up "Would you be my girlfriend" You sit up to "Of course Louis!!" And with that Louis kisses you. And your happy, Because Louis Tomlinson was your first kiss.


I hope you liked it:)xx

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