One Direction Imagines

Hey everybody Crystal here:)

This is a One Direction Imagine book. Were YOU get to have a 'love life' with the boys that you love:) The 1st chapter says ALL that you need to know:) ILY ALLxx Crystal


2. Harry , Niall and Grace

You and Harry Styles have been dating for a couple of months now and your happy with your relationship. Only yesterday your best friend Niall Horan told you his feelings for you and has loved you from the beginning. That's what Harry first said to you before you were dating. You had some feelings for Niall but you loved Harry with all your heart. So today you were going to tell Harry what Niall said to you. You put your brown long hair in a messy bun and you admired the blue at the tips of your hair that you only put in last month. You got your fave Skull tee and some simple black jeans with white vans that Louis gave you a week ago. You decided to call Harry to tell him you were coming over. "Hello?" Harry says like he just woke up. You giggle. "How was your Nap Mr.Styles?" you say laughing and laughing "Fine, how was yours Miss.Grace?" he says joining you with your laughter. "It was good Styles. Can I come over? I need to tell you something!" You ask walking to the lounge and plopping on the sofa. "Yeah sure. I'll see you soon then" he says making kissing noises you start to laugh again "Alrighty. see you soon" you say ending the call grabbing your handbag and keys and going out the door. When you get there Harry is already waiting outside for you. "Hello Love" he says opening out his arms for a hug "Hey Hazza" you say going in for the hug he kisses you on the forehead and invites you inside. "So what did you want to ask me?" he asks while you and him plop on the sofa. "Well..... Yesterday Niall said he has feelings for me and... And he said he loved me right from the beginning just like you said.... Harry I'm afraid I'm going to fall for him and I don't want to lose you" you say crying into his chest. He wraps his hands around you. "I'm going to talk to that Idiot!" he says unwrapping his hand around you and heading for the door "Harry NO! Don't hurt Niall!" you say tears streaming down your eyes it was to late.... Harry was gone. You couldn't believe your boyfriend and your best friend were fighting over you and you were afraid they would get badly injured. You call Niall.... No answer. You try again. No answer. You knew Harry couldn't be there already. You thought quick. You remembered Niall told you a short-cut to his house that he only told you about. You run as fast as your legs would take you until you finally reach Niall's place. You run inside without knocking. You were there just in time. "NIALL!" You scream at the top of your lungs "Grace?!? What are you doing here?!?" Niall says running down the stairs you tell him EVERYTHING "NIALL JAMES HORAN?!!?!" You and Niall heard Harry yell "Jump out there" you say pointing to the window. Niall goes first he got time to escape but you didn't "GRACE WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!" He Yells "Uh.... I.... Um...." You had no excuse "JUST TELL ME WHY YOUR HERE!!: He says darkness fills his eyes and tears steam down yours "I WAS ONLY HELPING MY BEST FRIEND OKAY!?!?" You scream with sadness and anger. you jump out of the window and Harry chases after you. You see Niall at the park in the tree and Harry notices too. He stops chasing you and starts to climb up the tree instead. Niall jumped down and started to run straight at you he grabs your wrist and starts to run off with you. But Harry was much faster than both of you so he caught you too and he pushes you away onto the ground. Sadness and anger starts to come up again. Harry was holding Niall up by his shirt and he had a fist out like he was going to hit him. You kick his leg as hard as you can. But it doesn't work "JUST PUT HIM DOWN HARRY!" You scream. Harry starts to calm down but Niall just makes him angry again by kissing you! and you accidently kiss back. But then you realize what you had done and backed away from Niall and slapped him across his face. You go home crying and go into your bedroom and slam the door behind him. Harry comes in "Go away" you sniffle he sits beside you "I'm sorry for how I behaved I apologized to Niall even though I'm still angry with him. And I loved you and I'm sorry for pushing you down. I got you these" He held out some flowers. "There beautiful Harry I love you" you say taking to flowers and hugging him "Me too Grace me too...." 




Niall apologized to you and has found a new girlfriend called Crystal. And him and Harry are getting along better than ever!!


I hope you liked it:)xx 

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