One Direction Imagines

Hey everybody Crystal here:)

This is a One Direction Imagine book. Were YOU get to have a 'love life' with the boys that you love:) The 1st chapter says ALL that you need to know:) ILY ALLxx Crystal


6. Anna and Niall

You were sleeping happily until your boyfriend Niall calls you. "Why are you calling me at 3 am?" You say tiredly, "No hello? Well anyway. I'm making it up to you, I want to take you to breakfast!" You had other plans on today. But you can't let your boyfriend down you had to say yes. "Well, Okay! But why did you have to tell me at 3:05?" "I just wanted to hear your voice princess that's all, I should let you rest love you! I'll see you at 9:30 princess" "Okay, Love you to." You hang up dreaming about the day ahead of you. BEEP BEEP. 7:21.  You leap out of bed and brush your caramel hair and just leave it down the way Niall likes it. You put a bit of lipgloss on and go to choose your outfit. You choose the simple Jeans, Top and sandals. Niall forgot to tell you where to meet. But you heard someone's car rock up into your drive way and beep the horn. "COMING!" You yell and rush trough the door. "You look beautiful as usual." You smile and kiss him on the cheek. "Thanks! You do too!" Your song comes on the radio 'Try' by P!nk. "Dis be my jam!" you start to rock out and sing along to the music. Niall can't help but laugh. "This is why I love you." and he starts to rock out to. The song finishes. "So, where ARE we going?" Niall turns his head to you and back to the road again. "You'll have to wait until we get there" You slouch in your seat. "Were here!" You look up to a similar restaurant. Its the one were Niall and you met at. The Bree. "Comon' Lets go eat" You are starving because you didn't have tea last night. You order a massive meal. "Looks like someone's hungry" Niall pinches something off your plate. You don't mind. Halfway through your breakfast Niall stands up on the table to make a announcement. "What are you doing?!?" You whisper scream "You'll see... EVERYONE I HAVE A ANNOUCEMENT TO MAKE!" Niall  lifts you up to the table goes on one knee and pulls something behind his back. "Anna, Will you take the honor of being my Wife?" You feel the tears in your eyes "Yes I do" You say softly Niall puts the ring on your finger its beautiful! everyone claps and you had a beautiful wedding. A month later after the proposal you were pregnant with your baby boy. Antony.

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