your prefect for me!

this story is baout a girl named Emily and the guy is Zayn Malik at the begging of the book Emily and Zayn just had a fight and they felt lost without each other so emily gos to the beach house to apolgize to Zayn and we all know they get back together right? well yes they do they get back together. Lets see where i go with this story
No hate please this is my first book plus there will be ALOT of spelling mistakes lol ENJOY!


8. what happens in a half hour

Emily Pov:

I walked outts the room cause Zayn was getting a shower and he takes forever so i wasnt waititng i then walked out to the livng room and only seen Niall but he was crying i ran up to him and he was crying i asked him what was wrong he looked at me a showed me his phone it was twitter and it was full of hate.  Niall dont listen to any of that your better than that your voice is amazing like your solo in Truly Madly Deeply like i died your voice is so amazing Niall dont listen to anyone that says hate your amazing your not ugly your really cute and handsome and wihtout u in onedirection then it wouldnt be One Direction it will just be another British boy band.  Niall dont listen to hate


He just looked at me shooked and smiles and said thanks but then he just started to stair into my eyes before i knew it Niall kissed me i was so shooked i didnt know what to do all i could think of was to pull away so i did and i was there with a blank look on my face and all I could say was Niall no this cant be happening im in love with Zayn nothing will change that.  I got to tell him. I got up and started to walk away but before I got to my room he came up and grabbed me and said Emily dont worry about it Zayn knows.  I just stared at him blankely and then he told me that it was a test to see im trust worthy.  I looked blankely at him and said so he didnt know if he could trust me that i wouldnt cheat on him he got someone to kiss me.  How come he cant trust me? Niall? Why dont he trust me?

Niall:Calm down Emily he do but you know just to make sure cause last relationship he was in she cheated on him and its hard for him to trust but i know he'll trust you know.

me:Well i still need to tell him *walks away*

i walked into the room and just as i walked in zayn walked out in a towel i just looked at him blankely and he asked what was wrong the only thing i could say was Niall kissed me.  Zayn looked at me in angry and he grabed a pair of pant and shirt and threw them on he looked so mad.  Wait Zayn he said that you knew that you told him too Zayn just stared at me and said why would i do that why would i get my bestfriend to kiss my girl? he walked out of the room in angry and Stright to Niall and punched him in the stomach, he went to throw another punch but i ran in front of Niall and he acutdienly hit me in the head where as if it was Niall it would have been around his shoulder area and i just fell all i heard was Zayn yell out to the guys to get ice! and i felt someone carry me somewhere.

I woke up and i was in bed with Zayn pasting around the room he looked like he was crying.  I called out to him and he looked at me and just looked worried and asked if i was okay i just said ya it was just a punch it didnt hurt just hit me in the wrong spot and knocked me out. He just laughed and said well my girl isa tuff girl cause that would have hurt any of the boys remind me not to get  in a fight with you, you may win.  We both laughed and he just cuddled into me and said sorry again.

Zayn do me a favor and please dont hurt Niall again.  He only done it cause he was crying and I made him feel better he might have got the wrong idea that i had feelings for him.  Zayn agreed that he wouldnt hurt him again.

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