your prefect for me!

this story is baout a girl named Emily and the guy is Zayn Malik at the begging of the book Emily and Zayn just had a fight and they felt lost without each other so emily gos to the beach house to apolgize to Zayn and we all know they get back together right? well yes they do they get back together. Lets see where i go with this story
No hate please this is my first book plus there will be ALOT of spelling mistakes lol ENJOY!


7. tryly madly deeply

:Emilys POV:

 woke up at around midnight and i notice everyone had falling asleep in the living room  I then woke up Zayn who was right next to me and asked him to go to bed we both got up and slowly walked to our room we both got into bed and Zayn again tightly had me in his arms to keep me safe from night mares. With in mintuies we where both asleep.


I was dreaming that me and Zayn where in a fight i was thinking to my self that im not good enough for him, that im to ugly, to big, to stupid the words just kept going threw my head that ime ugly,stupid,fat,not good enoguh

-end of dream-

before i knew it I felt someone shaking me and said wake up I opend my eyes but things where blury i rubbed my eyes and relized i was crying Zayn was just staring at me and hugged me tight and kissed me I asked him what that was for he said that i talk in my sleep and then all he said was that im Beatiful and then and perfect for me and so smart and dont forget have alot of secert talents.  I then said thanks Boo but can i ask you something he answered saying of course i can i then asked him if he loves me? he huged me tight and said that he didnt love anyone as muchas he loves me he said everything feels so real with me and just cuddled into him and said I love you too boo and lid on his chest ans we slowly fell back to sleep.

I woke up still in his arms and on his chest i could hear his heart best it he just felt so right we felt so right i truly do love him

im madly in love with him im deeply in love with him.


Zayns Pov:

I woke up and Emily was still in my arms it felt so right with her likenothing before I have to thank Liam big time fore bringing her here i missed my girl so much that words could never explain nothing could ever explain how truly, madly, and deeply i am in love with her.

I cant believe that its her lying right next to me it just feels so perfect to be true.  I got lost in my thoughts but i then relized that Emilys awake too. I then toke her hand and enterwined our fingers, Her hand fights right intomine like it was a puzzle pice. she then looked up at me and smiled and reached up and kissed my jawline.


Emilys Pov:


zayn:uh ya?

me:can say something that might sound weird

zayn:sure baby

me:this feels to good to be true it just feels like your perfect to me i never want to let you go please dont break my heart

zayn:awe baby that didnt sound weird i feel the same way and trust me i wont if i broke your heart that would mean i would have to break mine too..

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