your prefect for me!

this story is baout a girl named Emily and the guy is Zayn Malik at the begging of the book Emily and Zayn just had a fight and they felt lost without each other so emily gos to the beach house to apolgize to Zayn and we all know they get back together right? well yes they do they get back together. Lets see where i go with this story
No hate please this is my first book plus there will be ALOT of spelling mistakes lol ENJOY!


5. the Day at the beach

emilys pov:

I run up in mine and Zayns room and hoop in the shower.  When i get outts the shower I dry my hair and I go to my suitcase right before I drop my towel Zayn runs in the room and swipes me up off my feets and throws me onthe bed and hovers over me teasing me.  Zayn your such a tease i say as i lean forward and start to kiss him while he then deepens the kiss and before you know it we hear Harry standing in the door way and says bow cheeka wu wu.  Zayn then lies on me and playfully yells at Harry "you better not be cheeking out my girl in a tower"  Harry laughs and says maybe i am what are u gonna do about it.  Zayn then takes off his shirt and puts over me and says that what im gonna do Harry then jumps on zayn which who was laid on me and said dog pile the rest of the boys run in and jump and us.  I yell out i cant breath and with Zayn being the over proctive boyfriend pushes them all off to make sure im ok.  I then yell out for them all to get out and they all leave expect for zayn. I then go back to my suit case and drop my towel cause now i have zayns shirt on.  I grap a cute bikini and a a pair of shorts and put them on and but my hair into a sock bun and put on my sunglasses.  I Then ask Zayn if we can go to beach now! he said sure and he told all the guys.  I then stunk down stairs and i grap Liam and asked him if he can take me surfing?

Liam:uhh ya sre but i didnt know u knew how to surf

Me: Liam theres alot you guys dont know about me you want to find out alot get louis to pull off one of his amazing truth or dre games and hope i pick truth ;P

Liam:*laughs * or u can jut tell us all at the beach cause i bet theres alot zayn dont know either

Me: ok lets get to know eachother when we get to the beach even tho its been 6 months i never spent much time with u guys

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                     At the beach


everyones pov:

we all arive at the beach and Liam yells out "Guys before we do anything where getting to know stuff about each other that we dont know but mostly emily!

we all went and sat down on the sand on out towels we all started talking and then liam tells Emily to say 5 things they dont know about her so she starts to talk

1. I surf

2.I draw and paint

3.i skatbored

4.i actully am rich i dont just use it on fancy things

5. i was told i can sing really good but i dont believe it

all the guys just look at emily shocked like they didt expect that even Zayn didnt know those things

Zayn: WOW! my girl got all the talent hidden in her now dont she.

everyone just laughs

Emily: Ya okay now thats done and over with whos going surfing with me

Liam:*gets up and sayd he will*

they went and got boards and went surfing and they came back and everyone was still there so Emily just lid down nextto zayn and started to tan.  About an half hour later louis went up to Zayn and Emily with a bucket full of cold water and threw it on them.  They both started to scream and huged eachother.  sense everyone was bored and Zayn and Emily where frozed they decided to go home.


emilys POV:

On the way home they turned the radio on and they all stared at me I just yelled at them what and they told me to sing i blushed alittle but i started to sing "Its feels like a perfect night to dress up lke hipsters and make fun of our exs uh uh it feels like a perfect night for breakfest at midnight to fall in love with strangers uh uh yahhhh where happy free confused and lonely all at the same time"

i stoped signing and they all clapped and said i was really good

then before we knew it we where home.

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