your prefect for me!

this story is baout a girl named Emily and the guy is Zayn Malik at the begging of the book Emily and Zayn just had a fight and they felt lost without each other so emily gos to the beach house to apolgize to Zayn and we all know they get back together right? well yes they do they get back together. Lets see where i go with this story
No hate please this is my first book plus there will be ALOT of spelling mistakes lol ENJOY!


6. From Kissing to Pizza

Emilys POV:

As soon as i walk into the house Zayns runs up behind me and swipes me up and runs to out room with me in his arms he runs in and kiks the door shut and tosses me on the bed he comes up in the bed and lies next me.  He leans in and he starts to kiss my shoulder and slowly moves up my collar bone to my neck then to my jawline i bite my lip trying not to moan or laugh consdering how tickless my neck is.  He then finally kisses my lips it felt like the perfect kiss ever like we where the only ones in the world, he then depends the kiss and hovers over me and slowly moves his hand under my shirt and up my back.  He then started to untie my bikini that i left on and halls off my shirt and depends the kiss even more.  I then take off his shirt while hes there playing with my belt trying to get  it off while still kissing me i then pull down his pants to his batman boxers and i couldnt help but laugh he started to laugh too and before i knew it he lefted me up and pulled down my pants i screamed alittle cause he scared the crap outta me he started to laugh at me and i just smirked at him and said well then you laugh at me i guess your gonna have to wait to love this body another time as i said and ran into the closet and closed the doors as i knew he would have followed me he started to laugh and try to open the closet doors i tried my best to stop him but there no use hes way stronger than me he came in the closet and he sat on my stomach and started to tickle me and he started to say while if i cant love your body as you say he smirks alittle then u have to cook me and the boys supper i said no way but he kept tickling me and i gave it he got up and then helped me up.  I then went to get a shower and then i put on a pair of payjama shorts and i loose baggy shirt.  I then walked out of the room into the living room and asked everone what they wanted for supper lucky for me they said pizza so we just ordered a pizza and i stuck my tougne out to zayn :P and said ha i dont need to cook! Zayn then came up to me and huged me around the wait tightly but to tight just tight enough that made me feel like im the only one he ever wanted and it made me feel safe in his tight grip he then kissed me and said i wouldnt have made u cook your my girl you dont need to be a slave for the boys he said cheeky.  We both went over on the love seat and cuddled up with eachother while Liam turned on a movie while we waited for the pizza.  During the whole movie i wasnt sure but it kinda felt like Niall was giving me and Zayn dirty looks i dont know why he would tho i didnt think anything of it.  The pizza then got here and as soon as i answered the door Niall ran up to me and grapped the pizza kissed me on the cheek and said thanks and ran back into the living room.  i went to the kitchen to get plates for the the boys and I but when i got back to the living room they where all already devoring the pizza I looked at all of them and laughed  I just said well some peoples hungry everyone laughed but Niall he was to busy eating to notice i said anything but thats Niall for ya.

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